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Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
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I have a 2009 D13 that the exhaust valves were adjusted to

Customer Question

I have a 2009 D13 that the exhaust valves were adjusted to tight causing a bent exhaust valve in #6 . The head was removed and new ones replaced in #6 only, put back together but truck still does not run smooth. Was told miss in motor was do to injectors, replaced all injectors but still does not run as well as it did before overhead was set. Shop that set overhead had all exhaust valves way to tight, should' the the whole head be inspected by a machine shop? Truck still has miss and went from 7.5 mpg to 6.5 . Shop did not have the whole head inspected, only #6 .Truck had been ran for 8 weeks with valves to tight! What additional damage could there be from exhaust valves to tight? Engine brake??? Please list all damage that could occur.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Jeremy replied 1 year ago.

My name is ***** ***** I will assist you.

I would have the whole head checked and all the valves/rockers checked on it. There is a good possibility that if one was adjusted wrong, they all were.

On the damage, you could have every valve bad. I would also check the cam for any gouging on the lobe surfaces to make sure they didn't dig into the cam from the misadjustment. Most likely the whole adjustment is bad and that is why you have the poor performance that you have.

I doubt there is anything wrong with the engine brake. They tend to have issues when items are too loose for it will knock the solenoids out on the engine from the rattling.

Make sure the new shop documents everything and does so precisely, then seek for the other shop to pay for those damages. Maybe even seek the advice of an attorney on the site here on what can be done. There is a good chance that on something like that, you can go after the previous shop for it. The current shop just needs to document specifically that the reason for the damage is due to misadjustment of the overhead. That is why shops carry workmanship insurance for issues like this. You lucky you didn't have a valve break off and drop into the engine wiping the whole engine out...

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