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2004 international DT466E, has very gh blowby coming out of

Customer Question

2004 international DT466E, has very high blowby coming out of draft tube, along with slight oil. I am looking to by this used truck. The truck has 880,970 miles. But was out framed 15 months ago. And has had 115,000 miles put on it since. The rear main seal is also leaking. If I take my finger and slightly plug the draft tube the pressure buildup is very high.... I have seen the receipt showing where the engine was out framed. The owner has told me he adds 2 gallons of Lucas Oil Stabilizer at ever oil change, and if the oil level is low he tops it with lucas. The oil is very high viscosity.... would this cause high blowby?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The owner has also stated that the engine that was outframed, has had two rebuilt turbos installed, and they both failed / seized. Then he bought a new one via international, and said he hasn't had a problem since. I have hooked up and ran all diagnostic tests it has no faults, never been overheated etc. All injectors pass when doing a cylinder contribution test. But it does leave a nice size puddle of oil. From the time you start it cold, to up to temp. Also if you pull the dipstick out of the housing, it has a steady stream of blowby as well.
Expert:  cumminsdr replied 1 year ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer! I would be more than happy to assist you today.blow bt is caused by excessive pressure in the crankcase. The onlu causes are overfull oil level, failed turbo (need to isolate from engine and check blow by) failed air compressor (need to remove inlet and outlet lines and confirm blow by) failed valve stem seals or internal engine damage such as a scored cylinder or broken/incorrectly installed rings
Expert:  cumminsdr replied 1 year ago.
Hi just following up, Do you need more info? please don't forget to rate my service.
Expert:  cumminsdr replied 1 year ago.
Please don't forget to rate my service.
Expert:  cumminsdr replied 1 year ago.
Please don't forget to rate my service.

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