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I have number on camshaft 1E3. What i need to adjust under

Customer Question

I have number on camshaft 1E3. What i need to adjust under number 1E3
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  dieseldan55 replied 2 years ago.
Language CodeGBProductART/EXC/GRD/WLOGroup214No.21Version1Date01/17/2008Applies toL150E Volvo, L150F Volvo, L180E HL Volvo, L180E Volvo, L180F Volvo, L220E Volvo, L220F Volvo, G970 Volvo, G976 Volvo, G990 Volvo, A25D 4x4 Volvo, A25D Volvo, A25E 4x4 Volvo, A25E Volvo, A30D Volvo, A30E Volvo, A35D Volvo, A35E Volvo, A40D Volvo, T450D Volvo, EC330B LC Volvo, EC330C L Volvo, EC360B LC Volvo, EC360B LR Volvo, EC360B NLC Volvo, EC360C L Volvo, EC360C NL Volvo, EC460B LC Volvo, EC460B LR Volvo, EC460C L VolvoD9B and D12D Stage 3, valve adjustment, camshaft marking Please pay attention to the safety instructions in the Operator's and Service Manuals concerned.This Service Bulletin is to be considered as technical information only and is not subject to any reimbursement programs outside normal warranty.Cause Figure 1Example of camshaft with double marking. Inlet valves, exhaust valves and unit injectors for cylinder No. 5 are in a position where adjustment can be carried out.Some engines have camshafts with double marking. Example according to Fig. 1.(missing infotext)In these cases inlet valves, exhaust valves and unit injectors are adjusted for the cylinder which corresponds to the numerical marking rather than the E-marking. For example on a camshaft marked 5/E6, it is the numeral 5 that is to be followed.
Expert:  dieseldan55 replied 2 years ago.
On our d16 motors there is only one set of marks, I remembered that issue on the d12 motors and found this old bulletin explaining to disregard the e marking. Now we work on industrial engines or off road equipment. I'm not sure if on road trucks vary from, our settings .