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Helloi have a 2009 freightliner with series 60, and having

Customer Question

i have a 2009 freightliner with series 60, and having issues with truck runs good at idle and second you bump up your rpm with foot or cruise starts to surge or lope all the way upto 2000rpm, if you turn the fan on and put little load on motor it almost goes away, test drove and as long as trucks working doesnt seem any issues or noticable surge wihile driving seems to be only no load on engine, fuel filters new, fuel pressure about 65 to 80, tried with laptop to pin point cylinder cut out all seem to act the same, at any of the rpm, talked one guy he says had issues with fuel control quailty valve, are they talking the pressure regulator? getting new regulator seems good, truck only has 5000 hrs but mostly low rpm, 38000km only.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is***** will be glad to help. monitor your fuel pressure while this is happening. You can install the gauge at the filter housing. See if the fuel pressure is erratic. Also check the suction lines between the tank and pump for restrictions and leaks causing a starvation of fuel or it to suck in air. You can install a clear hose or sight glass to watch for bubbles or you can run the supply and return into a separate fuel source to see if the problem still exists which will comfirm or eliminate a suction side problem. Check fuel pressure and for contaminated fuel. You should see around 18 psi at idle and 28 psi at full throttle. If it is low, bypass primary fuel system again and recheck. If still low, your fuel pressure regulator on rear of head is probaly at fault.If pressure is good, do another cylinder cutout test and response test done. If you have a misfire, it should show up on the cylinder cutout test. What you are looking for on the cylinder cutout test is for all the pulse width results for each injector to be higher then the baseline pulse width.Do 2 or 3 cutout test and look for one that fails consistently. Let me know
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello I have laptop hooked up, fuel pressure is 60 at idle and 80 full throttle bounce between 10psi when starts surging or loping, I did cut out stayed fairly close did 5cylinder cut out and readings very mostly number 6 different all slowly drop in actual torque if 650 to 750ftlb but 6 stays high around 12 to 1400ftlb and multiple times, when I first tried most injectors acted like six then started dropping down every time after but six still does it, in my graph 6 is the odd one out on 5 cylinder cut out at 1000rpm
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the update. Id check for cut injector o rings and reseal them. Also Mark them to what cylinder they are in now and move them to a companion cylinder and compare the results to what you have now. See if the problem moves with the injectors.Let me know
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Here test results after automatic cut out
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I did notice compressor might have cut in while number 6 was tested might have been fluke for 4 times because it now was doing the same as all the others
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the update. You will want to check the pulse with and compare between cylinders. Copy and past this link in your browser.
Also copy and paste this link in your browser for more in depth explanation of reading the results by graphing.
Series 60 Faulty Fuel Injector
without comments
To determine if a faulty fuel injector is causing the cylinder to misfire, perform the following steps: ‪
Install DDL adaptor to the data cable and plug the adaptor into the DDL connector in the vehicle; refer to OEM guidelines.
Start the engine.
>From the DDEC III/IV Select Menu, scroll to select ENGINE and press the ENTER key.
Scroll to FUEL INJECTOR INFO (CUTOUT) and press the ENTER key.
Scroll to select NEW TEST and press the ENTER key.
Scroll to select RPM SETTING FOR CCO TEST NORMAL and scroll to select 1000 and press the ENTER key.
Scroll to select AUTO and press the ENTER key. Wait for END OF TEST.Note: If an injector cannot be cutout, you will see an ERROR message. Press FUNC to exit the cylinder cutout function, press the FUNC key.
Scroll the list to review the results of the cylinder cutout test. To find suspect injectors, look for a cylinder with a value that is within 0.2 degrees of the NO CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH, by comparing the CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH values to the NO CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH values.
If any CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH values are within 0.2 degrees of the NO CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH, shut down the engine and refer to section .
If any CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH values are not within 0.2 degrees of the NO CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH, shut down the engine.
Faulty Fuel Injector Repair
Perform the following steps for faulty fuel injector assembly(s): ‪
Remove and replace injector assembly(s) whose values are within 0.2 degrees of the NO CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH;
Verify replaced injector assembly(s), .
Verification of Repair for Faulty Fuel Injector
Perform the following steps to determine if the replaced fuel injector(s) resolved the misfiring cylinder condition: ‪
Refer to section for the exhaust caution before preceeding. Start the engine.
Run the engine speed up to the occurrence of the misfiring.
Listen for misfiring cylinder.
If the engine is not misfiring, shut down the engine. No further troubleshooting is required.
If the engine is misfiring, shut down the engine and check for a faulty electronic control module (ECM);
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 2 years ago.
Hi Cody, I wanted to follow up with you as based on the test result you posted and the large difference between 123 and 456 it is an indication of injector failure. Have the injectors sent out for testing and take a close look at the harness for shorts and corrosion, etc., check the ECM plug for oil, water, corrosion as well. You will most likely find a bad injector coil to be the culprit.
Your test is actually a fail wit more than a 11 point difference since you are closer to 30 in this case. Let me know
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 2 years ago.
Hi, Did you get this resolved? I wanted to follow up to see what you found and if my information was helpful to you or if you still needed more help? Let me know and I will get this question closed out for you if you don't need further help with this. Please feel free to rate or accept if you found my information helpful as that is how the experts receive credit for their time helping on the site.