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Cat Man
Cat Man, Cat Engine Expert
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
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2 years ago I see you mentioned replacing cracked head to fix

Customer Question

2 years ago I see you mentioned replacing cracked head to fix C7 fuel in oil problem. As you said this is very rare.
Problem started when oil/fuel mix begin blowing out crankcase breather all over underside of truck. As truck was just serviced thought they had overfilled oil. Changed oil again few days later same problem. Resealed injectors same problem. Replaced pump same problem. Truck starts and runs good, no smoke. Now it doesn't appear to be blowing out breather but oil is still getting fuel in it. Would the truck run this good with a cracked/faulty injector?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Cat Man replied 2 years ago.
Hi. Thanks for asking your question and requesting me! I will try and help you out.
Its possible an injector could be leaking and putting fuel in the oil. It too is rare but very possible. This can be tested by putting dye in the fuel and using a black light to sine around the injectors. IF one is leaking, you will see it.
If you can not see any leaks at any of the injectors. All that is left is a cracked head.
Please reply back if you need more help or have more questions. I am happy to assist.
Expert:  Cat Man replied 2 years ago.
Hey. I just wanted to see how things were going. Please let me know if you need more help. I am happy to assist.
If my information was helpful. Please leave a good or higher rating so that I receive credit. Thanks!

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