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Josephg510, I have an issue with a truck I purchased. Its

Customer Question

Hi Josephg510, I have an issue with a truck I purchased. Its a 2005 sterling MBE 4000 with error code ECU 128. The check engine light is also on. The truck came to me this way. I have checked all the electrical connections I could find. I checked all the fuses under the hood on driver side. I checked the fuses under the dash on the passenger side. The VDC is laying on the floor but appears to be in tact. I did notice when checking the fuses under the hood one was blown. When I replaced it I saw a spark coming from a group of wires that plug into I assume the engine computer (this computer has fuel flow through it I assume to cool it. It has two harnesses connecting to it. The spark was in the smaller harness towards the cab.) I found 4 wires rubbing together and shorting out. I spread them apart so they didn't touch. One was badly burnt so i spliced it together. I have bled the air from the injectors, so i know we have fuel. The truck will run on starting fluid, I know the engine is sound. No water in oil, all fluid levels are up. The truck had two fuel tanks full so it was like the owner had filled up the truck and it never ran after that. Any ideas as to where to go from here?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Andy replied 2 years ago.
Hi there ! Sorry to hear you are having trouble! My name is ***** ***** I would like to try and help if I can ! Would a wiring diagram help for the engine ? It sounds like its not getting fuel and that could be because the ecm is not powering up . Do you see any smoke from the stack while cranking ? If you give me the full vin number , I may be able to get the diagram to help figure out where to load test at the ecm plugs ?
Expert:  Andy replied 2 years ago.
Hi there ! Just looking for an update ! Do you still need help with this ? Happy to help further if needed . Let me know . Thanks.
Expert:  Andy replied 2 years ago.
Hi there ! I see you viewed my last post ! Do you still need help ? I need a full vin number to be able to look up accurate diagrams for your specific truck and engine . If you need help with this , let me know . Thanks!