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Andy, Truck Diagnostic Technician
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Satisfied Customers: 1661
Experience:  International and Isuzu trucks , International, Maxxforce, Cummins and Isuzu engines, Diagnostic and electrical troubleshooting specialist , Hvac and truck /trailer refrigeration troubleshooter
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Allison md3060p: aliison transmission no forward gears but

Customer Question

aliison transmission no forward gears but reverse works. quit all at once. 1995 ford aeromax 8000 cummons disel 8.3
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Andy replied 2 years ago.
Hi there ! Sorry to hear you are having trouble! My name is ***** ***** I would like to try and help if I can !We need to read the codes ! Here is the process for that :
A. Reading Codes. Enter the diagnostic display mode by pressing the
⇑ (Up
) and
⇓ (Down
) arrow
buttons at the same time on a pushbutton selector, or by momentarily pressing the DISPLAY MODE
button on a lever shift selector.
NOTE: If a DO NOT SHIFT condition is present at this time, the shift lever should remain in the same
position where it was when the DO NOT SHIFT was detected. If the lever is moved, a continuous tone
will be heard until the lever is returned to the correct position.
NOTE: If an oil level sensor is present, then fluid level will be displayed first. Diagnostic code display is
achieved by depressing the
⇑ (Up
) and
⇓ (Down
) arrow buttons or the DISPLAY MODE button a
second time.
The code list position is the first item displayed, followed by the main code and the Subcode. Each item is
displayed for two seconds. The two second item display cycles continuously until the next code list position is
accessed. The following list represents the display cycle using Code 25 11 as an example:
1. Code list position — d1
2. Main code — 25
3. Subcode —11
4. Cycle repeats — d1
To view the second, third, fourth, and fifth positions (d2, d3, d4, and d5), momentarily press the MODE button as
explained above.
Momentarily press the MODE button after the fifth position is displayed to restart the sequence of code list
An active code is indicated by the MODE ON indicator (active indicator) illuminating when a code position is
displayed. In the normal operating mode, the MODE ON display indicates secondary mode operation.
Any code position which does not have a diagnostic code logged will display “– –” for both the main and
Subcodes. No diagnostic codes are logged after an empty code position.
B. Clearing Active Indicators. A diagnostic code’s active indicator can be cleared, which allows the
code to be removed from the code list.
The active indicator clearing methods are:
1. Power down — All active indicators, except Code 69 34 (refer to the code chart), are cleared at
ECU power down.
2. Self-clearing — Some codes will clear their active indicator when the condition causing the code
is no longer detected by the ECU.
3. Manual — Some active indicators can be cleared manually, while in the diagnostic display mode,
after the condition causing the code is corrected
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Does the code 2112 throttle posting code have anything to do with it
Expert:  Andy replied 2 years ago.
No it doesn't . It will still shift but at different times than normal . Here is the link to the manual :