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How do I adjust the clutch on a 1986 ford L9000 heavy truck

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How do I adjust the clutch on a 1986 ford L9000 heavy truck with cummins diesel??
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

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Okay just did not want to answer if you wanted a certain expert.

There are two different types of adjusters that can be on these I will explain both.

First free play is the amount of travel you can push down on clutch pedal with hand before you feel resistance,this should be set at 2" and you can estimate or use a tape measure as long as it's close.

There is a inspection cover on bottom of trans close to engine about 6" x 4" and held on with 4 5/16" bolts 1/2" wrench or socket.

When you adjust clutch it needs to be held down while turning ring.
You will have to bump starter or turn engine over by crank or acc drive to get it to bottom for you to adjust.

First adjuster lock is held in place with 1 3/8" bolt and a small two prong fork needs to come off, just use a screwdriver.

Second adjuster is held on with two bolts 3/8" just remove left one and outer lock will come off but put bolt back in.

Now you want ring gear to go clockwise to give more free play,use a couple screwdrivers to move (I have had to use a air chisel to get some to turn if frozen) but don't worry about any damage you won't be locking in same place.
adjust a few notches at a time and re check free play until you have about 2".
They do make a tool to adjust the clutch but if you don't do this all the time you don't need to spend the extra $40.

As long as clutch rods were not touched you should now have 1/8" gap between throwout fork and throughout bearing,if not adjust linkage but you should not have to.
You should also make sure when clutch is all the way down it hits the clutch brake against trans.
With clutch pedal up you should now also have 1/2" clearance between throughout bearing and clutch brake.

Second adjuster has a 3/4" socket head already there and you just turn that to adjust ring instead of screwdrivers.

Then make sure you install lock before starting engine if you start engine with lock out you will never get it back in adjustment.

That's it,pretty easy job most of the time and it helps to have a helper so you don't have to keep getting up and down to check and adjust.
You can use a block of wood to hold down but a pain in the butt for this old man.

If you have any trouble or other questions I'm happy to assist,even after rating you can use reply tab follow ups questions are free.


Almost forgot grease throwout bearing and clutch fork shaft on side of trans while your there.


You can also print this using share button on replies.

Or hold control and hit p.

Thanks and have a great day

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