I have a Cat C7 on a 2007 Ford F-750. Engine serial #C7S06381. Particulate trap had to be baked and shaked and

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Customer: Hello,
I have a Cat C7 on a 2007 Ford F-750.
Engine serial #C7S06381.
Particulate trap had to be baked and shaked and reinstalled. Now the truck starts (improvment) but it is in derate. Hooked up a scan tool to it and the codes coming up are as follows
active - 151-11
logged codes - 154-14
logged codes - 310-0
logged event - 151-11
logged event - 111-11

Every time we clear the codes they come back
2) What is the difference between "logged codes" vs "logged event"clear.
Answered by yellowman99 in 9 mins 10 years ago
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Hi Mark. Thanks for using JA! I will try and help you out.


151-11 is defined as DPF soot level High


154-14 is defined as Diagnostics that require J1939 Service Tool (Cat ET)


310-0 is defined as the number of successful REGENS.


111-11 is defined as Coolant level Low.


To be honest, there is most likely more codes in the ECM than you can see. The reason I say this is because if you are getting the 154-11,this means your tool cannot see all the codes, clear all the needed codes, and perform REGEN diagnostics. I am sorry.


Cat has really put a strangle hold on service tools for these engines. In order to clear the codes, you will need to have Cat ET software connected and possibly have ET perform a manual regen to get the engine repaired and on its way. I am sorry I wish I had better news.


Only Cat ET can clear logged events.


Please let me know if you need more help or have more questions. I am happy to assist.


Cat Man41360.8264414352

We are using Cat ET software. How do you perform the regen?

Thanks for the information.


If you are getting the 154-11 then your ET is not communicating with what they call "Dual Data Link".


Basically you should have 2 communication lights lit up on your Cat Communications adapter. One for ATA1708 and one for J1939.


You will need to go into your preferences and set your communications device to Dual Data Link.


Once this is done, You should be able to reset or clear the code 151-11 and then go to service and perform a Manual Regeneration.


Let me know if you need more help. I am happy to assist.


Hi Again Cat Man,

Under the dashboard we have the round 9 pin, I am assuming this is the 1939 as well we have the traditional Ford OBDII. I do not see a 1708 plug (round 6pin - right?). We have three receptacles a round 6 pin, a round 9pin and a rectangular OBDII. The two round 6 and 9 pin receptacles we own intersect into a single chord and go into the com link so I am assuming this is the setup we are looking for. Yes?

Question #1 - Where are the 1708 and 1909 plugs located?

Question #2 - How do we plumb the 1708 ad 1909 harnesses into the laptop? We have been using the ET software for many years and this is the first time we have come across the "Duel Data Link" scenario.

Hey Mark.


You will need to connect to the 9 pin. The 6 pin only has ATA. The 9 pin has both ATA and J1939. You can not use the rectangular at all for the engine ATA and J1939.


Duel Data Link is only used on Cat engines that have a DPF.


Not sure what you mean by plumbing the harness into the laptop. What kind of Communications adapter are you using? I assume it si not a Cat adapter.

Also, what version of Cat ET do you have? 2006,2007, 2008, etc.?

OK I just reread your response and I instructed my tech to only use the 9pin and go to preferences and change it to "Duel..... I will get back to you on version. It has been 2 years since our last update but well after 2007, so I think we will be OK there.

I am waiting for a phone or text from my technician right now, and I will get back to you. Can you tell me what is the difference between "logged codes" vs "logged event"clear.

Thanks for the information Mark.

Yeah if your version is only two years old. It is good to go.

The difference between logged codes and logged events is logged codes are inactive circuit malfunctions like opens or shorts. Logged events are situations and not circuit malfunctions. For example, high soot loading is an event. Boost pressure open circuit is a code.

Does that make sense?

Let me know in you need more help.

Sweet everything worked perfectly!! I will add a link to this service. I am usually hesitant about these on-line services but this worked out great.

Thank You

You are very welcome Mark. I am happy to assist!

If you ever need any Cat engine help. Just request me and I will be sure to get it.

Have a great night.

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