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DirectInjection, Other
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Satisfied Customers: 95
Experience:  Certified Mercedes-Benz and Detroit Expert engine builder for Freightliner dealers. Over a 14 years experience.
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I need to do a parked exhaust regen on a 2010 freightliner.

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I need to do a parked exhaust regen on a 2010 freightliner. I am not sure of the regen procedure and dont have a owners manual.

DirectInjection : Hello I can help you with this. Is this a automatic or a manual transmission truck?


DirectInjection : Okay. Great. Thanks. To regen the unit you need to park the truck and set the parking brakes with the engine running. During the initial process you can not touch and switches or pedals or it will cancel the regen process. After setting the brakes you need to push the yellow parking knob in twice. Fairly quickly but give the brake light on the dash enough time to go out each time. Then press fully and release the clutch pedal twice. Then press and hold the regen button for up to 10 seconds. You will hear the engine RPMs start to climb. When they drop back down the regen is done (45 minutes) if the unit will not go into regen there is either a fault code preventing it or it does not need a regen.
DirectInjection : So again. Push yellow parking brake twice. Cycle clutch pedal twice. Hit and hold switch for 10 seconds.

I'll give it a try!


Ok, it started. Thank you.

DirectInjection : No problem. Let me know if you bed anything else.
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