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Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
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Experience:  I worked on all types of equipment semis,forklifts,farm,ect.
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I have a 2010 kenworth w900l I am having turn signal problems.

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I have a 2010 kenworth w900l I am having turn signal problems. My right signal does not work no indicator light no trailer or fender lights but the rear light does work. I have swapped the flasher modual and the multiple function switch with my other truck
Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX name would you like me to use for you?I will help you with your problem please note we do not need trailer info at this time I just want to make sure I hear you correctly.
Left turn no problems yes or no?
Right turn works on rear off truck or comes on but does not flash but no front and no dash arrow is that how to read your question if not let me know?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Left turn no problem
Right turn no indication light or signal noise also no fender light but the rear on the truck does work. I have the fuse panel tore apart yellow wire 2322-0 when I test it shows signal this is a wire that comes from the plug on the bottom of the fuse box under the washe fluid box. I have all of the lights unplug ruling out any problem with them like I said I have swapped all of the controllers from my other trucks as that is what all of the shops want to do but don't get me going on those guys. I also hear a little interference in the cb when I turn on the signal which leads me to believe it is a wiring proble but have traced slot of the wiring and see no problem I also have the plug trailer plug unplugged of of the fuse box to also isolate that circuit
well your not gonna like this but your problem is the turn signal switch itself.
When you request turn either one the turn signal switch changes the signal from front to rear and to trailer it is all done through this switch it is because the front turns stay on when you request them but the turn signal switch changes constant on /off for the rear tractor because there is only one bulb wich works both the brake light and turn so if you have one and not the other it is the turn signal switch itself.The good news is they are easy to change they have a lead off about 12-16" and just plug in so you can put one in to test from another truck without taking yours off. I hope that is all that's wrong it shure sounds like it to me but just in case I will be around today checking in every hour or two just in case it does not work but I think it will spanky
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I change that already no change
alright then turn on you right turn and key and wiggle the two 16way plugs on fire wall under hood on the back side off fuse panel that is were they start off going from turn switch to front right and trailer they are held in with one bolt in the center remove them and check for corrosion and tightness
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have found out that the wire from the signal modual for the right signal is grounded out the left does not test to ground. I have this thing completely torn apart. The modual is un plugged the signal lever to I have the fuse panel as well I have been tracing the wires from the fuse panel to the modual but have not found a short. Can a relay in the fuse panel fail to ground. There is a flasher relay in the block and two 30amp resettable fuses one for right one for left if find it hard to believe a truck two years old should have this kind of problem. I also switched the fuses with one another. Another piece of info when I bought this truck I put a wet kit on it and the dealer repositioned the trailer plug which allowed it to collect water and short it out. When the truck was a year old this happened they diagnosed it to be a carroded trailer plug they put a new one on and fixed it so that is where I started. But I have had the trl plug unplugged from the fuse panel anyway so that's not the problem
Yes a relay can short to ground but you can check by swapping relay's out
were did you unplug the trailer socket?there should be the plug on the back off fuse box from there it should go to back off cab were there is another plug then one at back off sleeper. The way KW does it is they make one wiring harness for all the W900s whether it has a sleeper or not because sleepers are different lengths. Then they add a harness to cab for specific application to extend it then it goes back to lights so what I would do is disconect one harness at a time until your short goes away you have a plug at front lights for turn and headlights and your problem could be on right side off truck because they use the same wire for marker and ground so it can short out in unlikely places
I meant it can be on left or right side so just keep unplugging things until short goes away and I would also check the harness from trailer plug to fuse panel one off the two 16way plugs is for trailer and back lights and one is for engine and front lights
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That was my first step. I have narrowed it down to one wire( yellow2313-3) it is a wire that ties in with 6 other wires which make up the right signal wires when I cut it out of the bunch the ground was rectified. Everything works now except when you step on the brake the dash indicators freeze but yet all the signal lights continue to work without issue. I am trying to trace the wire back but it is proving to be fairly difficult as they weave the wires throughout the harness. Not sure if there is some sort of sensor or switch that works with the brakes and the signal light so they don't conflict with each other but as I said everything works when I step on the break everything but the indicator lights
What about the anti lock brake module and or traction control module?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Not to sure, How would the antilock brake module affect the signal lights? the abs light was never on when it was causing me the problem but i have know idea how that system works. Now the wire i cut no longer is grounding out which would explain the signal light working periodically
It could effect it because it uses relays, and all relays use the same ground, you have a short,A short is when a hot wire is touching or back feeding through a grounded circuit. [simple rite] the anti-lock brakes and traction control work off of or are tied in to the brake lights, and brake light switches. There are several brake light senders it's a redundant system meaning a lot off safety switches are built into it just like your cruise control safety switches which also may be a issue.
Has anybody ever explained to you exactly how a relay operates if not tell me and I will try to explain to you how they work, it may help you with your short?If you want just type in relay operation? and then I will try to explain.
I will review our conversations so I am not missing some thing.But know while the short is not present do the signals work?You said they did but want to make sure all work not including trailer but checking the trailer light cord for all powers and the one ground?Also a lot off so called mechanics wire the trailer plug breakers so it connects trailer clearance lights with trailer tail lights by putting a jumper wire in trailer socket that connects the two together because they are lazy or can't find a open wire for one off the two lights,which can also cause problems with newer trucks.Did this problem show up after changing trailers?
Also the solid yellow wire is for turn signals it goes to all right or left{I don't remember which} turns and right brake lights on tractor.I do not have a wiring diagram for that truck I am going by memory from my 14yrs at Chicago KW If you have one send it to me copy and paste in the answer box and that way I will be better able to help you.I worked on mainly low power and and engine rebuild so I worked with a lot off KW wiring consider all wires on engine and how it's wired I remember most by heart.One good thing about Kw wiring is it's color coded which makes tracing wires a lot easier.
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