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diesel-tech, Mechanic
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Satisfied Customers: 138
Experience:  Experienced Diesel Technician
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Need torque specs and the firing order for Mack engine.

Customer Question

Need torque specs for mack engine model   e7-350 #  4k0661  for  cylinder had-main cap screws-rocker assembly-housing-valves & exhaust & the injector screw. and the firing order please.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  diesel-tech replied 5 years ago.

diesel-tech :

Hello, Welcome to JustAnswer.


Clockwise rotation

Head bolts 3 step

a- 50ft.lbs

b- 125 ft. lbs

c- 220 ft. lbs

Rocker arm adjust screw 26 ft lbs

Intake valve .010

Exhaust .026

JACUSTOMER-0xrjqbbk- :

Need the main cap screws and rod torque too, thank you.

diesel-tech :

The injector screw is 25 ft.-lbs and rack bolts are 35 to 40 ft.lbs.

I will get them as soon as I get to work in an hour or so, to adjust the valves you take the cover off the bell housing and you will see a pointer on the bell housing. On the fly wheel you will see three sets of may have to sand the surface, rust off it. Start at #1 and go around to the next number in the firing order. You adjust both valves at the same at time the bottom of the bell housing.

Rods 150 ft. lbs / Mains 200 ft. lbs.

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