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Vakul Aren
Vakul Aren, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MBBS,DTM&H,38 years of experience
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I have stress ,what do you recommend me to stop stress

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Hi doctor , i have stress ,what do you recommend me to stop stress

Hello,I am Dr. Aren , i will help with your question.Stress can be helped by regular exercise , like a 40 minute walk , eating healthy with lots of fruits and salads.Exercise releases endorphins which are hormonal antidepressants . Spending time with family and friends,prayer and meditation will also help. Yoga and listening to soft music will also help reduce stress. Avoid alcohol and tobacco, as this will help educe the stress.

Customer: replied 2 day ago.
Hi doctor , i waked up and my throat was really dry
And yesterday before sleeping i start feeling like my mouth and throat taste like there's a dust inside it ( i don't feel it now)

But i was and i am feeling right now a wen throat
But without any problems of swallowing

I have GERD
Symptoms of my GERD
Pain in center of chest
Gases in stomach

Sometimes my stomach muscles feels like a rock i mean that they are very hard (especially when i move or walk)

And the doctor told me that i also have stress

I don't have any fever or cough or sneezing or shortness of breath

Do i have covid19 or that was normal?

And did my GERD reflect to get me more symptoms like dry throat?

And also i feel my voice is changed i mean like a hoarseness in my voice

Sometimes i feel cold , not so cold but like i want to put a blanket on me

Once or twice a day i feel like my nose is dry and it is empty and i can feel the pain in my brain and the headaches return to be in the back of my head

The GERD started from 5 days

Throat started yesterday night

THis is not COVD19. You appear to be having a weakend upper oesophageal sphincter which is allowing the gastric contents to reach the throat and pharynx at night .This will cause hoarseness of the voice as well as irritation of the mouth and throat.This can be treated by taking PPI drugs like Prilosec, Sufrate/Sucralfate ,avoiding citrus fruits, chocolates, alcohol and tobacco, tomatoes in your diet.An Upper GI tract endoscopy will help diagnose any problems.

Customer: replied 2 day ago.
So sometimes i feel my lips dry , is it also normal?

You need to take more fluids for better hydration.

Customer: replied 2 day ago.
Theast thing doctor , all my symptoms are from my GRED
Am i correct?
Customer: replied 2 day ago.
The last*

Yes, GERD and Laryngo-Pharyngeal Reflux Disorder (LPRD) both appear to be there.

Customer: replied 2 day ago.
So the stress can make it worse
Because i am really having a hard and big stress

All the symptoms are basically due to stress, the GERD and LPRD are both secondar yto the stress and dietary habits.

Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Thank you so much doctor
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Really last thing , is it fine of i feel like there's a small things in my throat that i am swallowing
I am not actually swallowing thim but it is just a feeling

This sensation is due to the acid reflux in the throat and larynx.Nothing more need be done for this,it will settle down gradually.

Pleae do rate my answer as 5 stars ( the stars are above and to the right of your answer box) so that I get credit for my efforts, thank you.

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Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Thank you so much doctor you're perfect

You are welcome.