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Dr. Love only, I was watching CNN last night (I think) and

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Dr. Love only,I was watching CNN last night (I think) and they had a doctor on who was saying something that sounds horrible. Apparently they used to use oxygen on covid patients in the ICU, but they found out that while good for the patients, it spread germs to the doctor. So now they just put them on ventilators right away and then they decompensate quickly. In other words they are pretty much sending them to an early death. My husband heard it too. Obviously you don't want the doctors to catch the virus, but isn't there another way. Do you think this is true everywhere?

This does not sound correct. Or at least incomplete.

It also sounds dubious from the perspective that it would be virtually impossible to ascertain that it was the oxygen that placed a doctor at risk. There are so many things that are done for patients that are this sick that it would be difficult to separate the risk of oxygen from everything else that is being done.

If you can find a new article on a webpage that I could review, I would be glad to do so, but just on this level of information, it does not sound correct.

Customer: replied 2 days ago.
where could I look to see if oxygen masks are a supply they use?
Customer: replied 2 days ago.
This also makes no sense. I found something about connecting oxygen masks to ventilators. But that doesn't make sense does it?

I can guarantee you that they use oxygen masks, but not with a ventilator.

Customer: replied 2 days ago.
How do you know?
Customer: replied 2 days ago.
This doctor was saying he didn't use oxygen masks anymore. Too dangerous for the doctor.

How do I know anything?


My above answer applies.



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Customer: replied 2 days ago.