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My 5 year old daughter has been having a fever and it's been

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My 5 year old daughter has been having a fever and it's been going down but I have her take ibuprofen at 5:20pm and she still has a 101.7 temp. Fever has broke every time but it's been over an hour and still at 101.7. idk if I give her more. She's sleeping now.
JA: The Pediatrician can help. Just a couple quick questions before I transfer you. How long have you been using ibuprofen? Has it helped at all?
Customer: Like 24 hrs and it has helped till now it seems.
JA: How long have you been dealing with the break? Is this a repeating or first-time issue?
Customer: Repeating I guess. Break was about 3 hrs last time till it seemed it was coming back
JA: Anything else in the child's medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: Nope. Other than this is a horrible season. She's been sick like 4 times now as well as me and her mom. No issues tho.

Thank you for your question.
I will try my best to help you.
I will answer in a moment or request for further information.

Does she have any other symptom like cough? sore throat? diarrhea?

How many times did you give Ibuprofen?

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
3 times first 2 broke the fever. Yes cough but not a lot. No sore throat no diarrhea


Please wait.

I am writing the answer.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for waiting.

I understand your concern.

I am very sorry for her symptoms.
Her symptoms can be from a viral infection.

Most healthy children of her age can tolerate 102-103 degrees of fever.

Sometimes we can wait with higher temperature also, if the child does not have any other symptom & looks healthy.

However if the temperature does not come down readily, she needs to be seen without delay.

You can give her acetaminophen too.

A gap of 2-4 hours should be there between ibuprofen & acetaminophen.

Ibuprofen can be repeated 3 -4 times, it can be given 6-8 hourly.

Acetaminophen can be given 4-6 hourly but not to exceed 5 doses.

You can also give lukewarm bath or sponging.

Please give plenty of fluid to keep good hydration.

Usually viral infection is over in 3-5 days.

If it continues longer, she would need an examination by doctor.

I hope this information will be helpful.

If you have any query, please feel free to ask.

Your satisfaction is my goal.

If you are happy with my answer please click on 5 star rating so that I can get the credit for helping you.

Wish her healthy life.


Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Not coughing much a all only here and there and not bad cough either. Doesn't seem to bug her. Only fever.

I sent an answer already.

Have you got it?

Dr Su S and 11 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
I'm sorry yes thank you I'll try all that. She just up and she seems in better spirits. Still warm but managing. Haven't tried acetaminophen so yes I'll try that too. Thank you just worried. It's been bad for all of us all year long so far.

You are welcome.
Thank you for allowing me to assist you.
Please do not worry.
I hope she will be fine.
Best wishes.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Thanks again. Until this year she had been sick like twice total. First year of school so I know that has a lot to do with it.

Yes, children often get virus from school.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Will flu shot help with most of this for next year?

Flu shot will act against seasonal flu.
It would not be effective against common colds.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Ok thank you


You are welcome.