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How common are hallucinations during heart attacks? Explain

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How common are hallucinations during heart attacks? Explain your answer or provide citation, thanks!

Hello, my name is DrRobert. Thank you for your question. I have 35 years of experience and am reviewing your question.I will reply back momentarily.

In 35 years of practice, I've never heard of someone having hallucinations at the time of a heart attack, Can you explain why you have this concern?

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
I'm looking into the "Yuba County 5" mystery, where the only potential witness to the disappearance of a few guys made some claims about what they saw, but they were stranded with a heart attack at the time, and later admitted that he might've been wrong about what he thought he observed (hallucinated).

Oh, yeah, I've heard of that, I don't think anyone ever really figured out what happened with that. The one potential witness did have a heart attack while pushing his car out of the snow and did change his story later. That doesn't mean he was "hallucinating". He may have suffered from some hypoxia (low oxygen in the blood) and that could cause a brief time of lack of blood to the brain and thus confusion. That would be possible.

Not sure I can add too much more to help in solving the mystery. We are not reimbursed for our time or advice unless we receive an excellent rating, so I would ask you to consider a 5 star rating if you feel I gave you my best. Thanks!

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Customer: replied 4 days ago.
He said he heard whistling a few times; that part I won't take too seriously, as I've thought I've heard whistling in a windy woodsy area. The several men and woman with a baby thing is an oddly specific thing to assert, though, and it's plausible they backed off him after approaching his car and getting spooked. But then wouldn't the headlights he claimed was behind them in their car make it difficult to make out a specific detail like one of them carrying a baby? Maybe that detail's wrong, but this group of people may have had something to do with the Yuba 5 disappearance? Or maybe not, since the car was found in such good condition on a bumpy road that it would've had to have been driven slowly (not fleeing from anyone). This might be the weirdest mystery I've read and listened about. My leading theory is the schizo guy going berserk and leading the other intellectually disabled men astray.

Crazy! You may be right. I certainly can't put it together, thanks for the interesting query.