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I was checking in the Internet if low blood pressure can

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I was checking in the Internet if low blood pressure can cause an irregular heartbeat, and I came across an article that said an irregular heartbeat with low blood pressure might mean atrial fibrillation. But when this article says this, it doesn't mean that a blood pressure of 106/69 with a pulse of 96 is reason to worry about atrial fibrillation, does it? Off and on, but not too often, I've been having an irregular heartbeat with lightheadedness sometimes for the last 2 weeks. Thank you.

Hello -


That probably is not too much of a worry here.


More worrisome would be a heart rate of 150s, with low blood pressure. That kind of issue would need to be addressed right away.


But it sometimes is difficult to know if you have atrial fibrillation from just a heart rate. You have to see an EKG tracing to notice a specific feature of the EKG (the lack of P waves).



Certainly if you are concerned, your family doctor can get a quick EKG to make sure there isn't worries with an irregular heartbeat.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
I know my readings are normal, but since 106/69 is close to 90/60 and 96 is close to 100, that's why I wondered. Something else too that I've had off and on just once or twice in the last 2 weeks is a feeling of can't catching my breath. However, I think this might have been due to having too much phlegm because it felt like that and after I took Mucinex treatment, it went away. I also attributed it and it felt like it might have been because I'm unconditioned, and I tire easily if I move quickly for a while. Thank you.

You're welcome.


There is still a big difference between 106/69 and 90/60 -- the latter being on the borderline low side, which could cause lightheadednss and falls.


There is no real difference between 96 and 100. Not concerning there.



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