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4th gen test

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4th gen test
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Customer: replied 14 days ago.
4th gen hiv test conclusive at 4th and 6th week ?
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Dear friend, although today's 4th generation tests are increasingly specific and sensitive for the detection of antibodies to IVH, approaching 4 weeks to 98% effectiveness and sensitivity for the detection of antibodies, however to date it is not yet possible to take them as a conclusive test since a 12 week test must be performed in order to be able to take that test as a conclusive test. For this reason it is still necessary to perform additional tests.
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
I had oral insertive sex with sex worker and she licked testicles and kissed me on mylips and then touched my precum what is the risk of hiv ? And does testing needed?
Oral sex has a low risk of HIV infection, you should not worry about an infection, if after 6 weeks you do not experience any symptoms you should not worry.
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
I had proviral dna pcr on 17th and 28th day not detected
Do you have a ny other questions???
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Proviral dna pcr is a goos test?
Yeah, it's a good test and you don't have to worry.
Do you have any other questions?
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
I also did 4th gen combo test on 17th, 28th, 34th, 50th, 70th and end of 12th week as all tests non reactive
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
last test was 4th gen combo at the end of 12th week as non reactive ( 0.05) and more test needed?
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
please advice
No. It is no longer necessary with all those tests and you can rest assured you do not have to worry.
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