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I just found out I have a right Branch block? Is there a

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Second opinion] I just found out I have a right Branch bundle block? Is there a treatment I need for that is it going to kill me my doctor didn't tell me anything about it

Hi there. I'm Dr. Jon. I'll be happy to help answer your question.

Sorry to hear you are feeling stressed about this. Can I asked how this was discovered? Were you having any symptoms or issues?

Do you have any medical problems?

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
I was going through my patient profile and seen rbbb. The doctor has never mentioned it to me. I have COPD and neuropathy

Got it. So it may be helpful for me to explain a little bit about what a right bundle branch block is in the context of the heart.

In the heart, there are three main pathways that electricity flows through when the heart beats. The right bundle branch is one of those pathways. A right bundle branch block means there is something disrupting the electricity in this one pathway of the heart. This is something that can be seen on an EKG.

There are several reasons why this can occur, but the main one that needs to be evaluated for is heart damage (from a prior heart attack). This is generally done with an echocardiogram as well as sometimes a nuclear stress test depending on those results.

A right bundle branch block itself is not dangerous - it does not cause any symptoms and is not something that will every cause a problem. However, figuring out why it is there is something that should be investigated just to make sure the heart is otherwise healthy.

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Thank you so much you answered my question I was concerned maybe I needed to go see a cardiologist immediately or the emergency room but unless I experience any problems I won't worry about it

It is not anything that needs immediate attention. It would be good to get at least an echocardiogram at some point, but this is not urgent.

You certainly should not worry about this being something that will kill you as you initially stated. It really is not much to worry about.

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