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I have a question about whether something my fiance and I

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I have a question about whether something my fiance and I did can cause pregnancy. Can I ask this here?
JA: The OB/GYN Doctor can help. Just a couple quick questions before I transfer you. How old are you and your fiancé? What symptoms are they having?
Customer: I am 21. He is 22. The only symptom I have is that I missed my period for the month of October.
JA: Are they taking any vitamins? How frequently per week do they exercise?
Customer: No vitamins. I workout about 3 times a week. He does not.
JA: Anything else in their medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: No, I don't think so.

Hello from JustAnswer. This is Dr. Love.

What is the something that you and your fiance did?


Customer: replied 4 days ago.
So this is all going to sound silly because I have about all the evidence I need to know I don't need to worry. However, I'm still very anxious and I can't move past it. We were practically "dry-humping". I was on top of him. We were both in pants and underwear. He had an orgasm. As soon as he did, I got off of him. He went to go change and he changed his underwear but he didn't change his pants because the semen didn't make it to his pants (his pants were completely dry). I was supposed to get my period around October 11 and I just never got it. I have taken 4 tests that I got from the store and they were all negative. I went to a pregnancy center on Tuesday and it was negative. I just want assurance that what we did could not have caused pregnancy since we had clothes on.

There is absolutely no way that you could be pregnant from this encounter. Sperm could not penetrate through the clothing. Even if there were a wet spot on his pants, it would be water from the ejaculate fluid, not from any sperm.


In addition, even dry humping without any clothes does not cause a pregnancy. Sperm actually cannot swim up the vagina to cause a pregnancy. Sperm need to be deposited on the cervix, which occurs during penetration. The sperm actually cannot survive in the pH of the vagina. Only the cervical mucus has a pH in which the sperm can thrive.


If a woman could get pregnant from dry humping, with or without clothes, it would be possible for virgins to get pregnant, and that simply does not happen, at least not without divine intervention.


So, there is no reason for you to be concerned about pregnancy from this encounter. The missed period is most likely a non-specific response to stress. And the negative pregnancy tests also support that you are not pregnant, although I could say that you definitely would not be pregnant even without the pregnancy tests.


If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.


Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Okay, thank you. I have read very similar responses on the internet. My fiance and I just want to remain pure until we get married next summer and we have set boundaries for ourselves. And when this happened we crossed a huge line. I think this has caused me to feel guilty and then have irrational thoughts. I wanted a professional to provide advice because even online some people say that dry humping could cause pregnancy. Thank you for easing my mind.

You are very welcome.


Anyone that says that dry humping can cause pregnancy is wrong, and they should deal with the issue of virgins getting pregnant. The Bible would not be that miraculous is virgins could get pregnant.


If we are done, please provide a positive rating so that I am credited for assisting you.


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