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My mom who is 73 had swelling, redness, and what looked like

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My mom who is 73 had swelling, redness, and what looked like a rash on one of her calves. I finally convinced her to go to the ER last night where they did an ultrasound and they did find a blood clot. She was prescribed Eliquis and got some antibiotics as well because she diabetic and I think they said something about an infection. She's pretty active, still works full time, cooks, does housework etc. What could cause this? Now that she has the medications will she be ok? How long would it usually take for the swelling to go away once the medication is started?
Hello there, hope all is well. It’s good that you took her and that she had her diagnosis and treatment early which helps on the long run too. Now that age is taking the treatment she should be ok and it seems they covered and treated both possibilities of clot and infection. Sometimes clots or infections happen even without a significant cause. But long travel, not moving the legs for a long time, trauma cancer all precipitate clots and infections. Let’s hope her swelling and symptoms will start getting better within 3-7 days. She will still need to be on eliquis for few months
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Thank you for your response. Other than taking the medications as prescribed, is there anything else that she should do to help get better? For example, should she be resting, or maybe light walking to get things moving? Ice or heat pack? Or should she just go about her normal business?
Light activity is good. Leg elevation whenever she get the chance. And take her medication.
Hope she will be feeling much better soon
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