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Sabrina Gie
Sabrina Gie, MD, Medical Specialist lll, Health Dept.
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Chief-Training-Officer in a Tertiary Training Hospital, MD, MS, MDA, MPH, CSEE, CESE
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I have asthma– and I'm having really bad breathing problems

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how much do you charge
JA: The Doctor can help. Just a couple quick questions before I transfer you. What are your symptoms? Have you used any medication for this?
Customer: I have asthma– and I'm having really bad breathing problems –and that asthma puffers do not work – or it seems like they don't First – when I lay down can't breathe properly – sometimes when I move fast. When I'm laying down or just change positions my breathing cats out and I have to jump out of bed – – – I'm taking ramapril , which seems to help my breathing . Otherwise I can't breathe properly and I'm also taking risperidone – – – twice a day 1mg each – – – – – – I had lung damage or three years from car exhaust in my apartment really horrible black exhaust. And I breathe it in for two, three days, and it removes the protective layer from my lungs, and I'd been having lung problems ever since. – I smoke cigarettes for 40 years and quit. 20 years ago – I'm 59 – – –
JA: Have you seen a doctor about lung damage?
Customer: yeah, it lasted for about three years they just put me on asthma puffers. It never healed. It was extremely painful. Like razor blades cutting all lungs for three years. – Then it stopped hurting when I moved. But my breathing never completely came back. The doctors all say I only have asthma.
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: I don't exercise – I have hep C and I'm takingthe medication – but I don't think it's affecting anything – – – – – – see when I'm breathing sometimes and it usually happens Lane down or waking up– – – I'm breathing, but it feels like the quality of the air is not good – and like I need more air – – – but I don't really hear any wheezing – – – sometimes there's wheezing. Sometimes I start sweating a bit.
Hello this is Doctor Gie, Medical specialist. I am currently reviewing your concern. Pls note that all phone call requests are auto-generated and you may ignore these requests. Communicating through chat is just fine with me
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
hi, when the weather changed the winter. A couple weeks ago. My asthma started getting worse again and I started having the effect I was having before last summer and the year before that in my breathing – – –how much is this costing me?
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I have an oxygen machine. Which I'm using right now because I can't lay down and I have to walk around or sit up in order to breathe. When I get super super tired that I can fall asleep.
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
it feels like the oxygen sometimes does not seem like quality – but there's nothing wrong with the oxygen. It's such a horrible situation and it's been happening every day. The oxygen helps, but it still happens. They said that I had sleep apnea, but I tried them machine and it didn't help. I was getting the same breathing problems when sleeping and jumping on the bed, trying to catch my breath
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
if it's costing me more than five dollars. I need to know because I'm disabled and have other problems.
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
does high blood pressure affect the breathing– could it be cutting off because of high blood pressure. Which I've been diagnosed with before recently in the past two years
Im sorry you’re having these symptoms. I understand that this may have been frustrating for you. Based on your history and symptoms, you might need a more potent medication to control your asthma. I recommend to speak to your doctor about this because he would need to adjust it until the symptoms are controlled already. In the meantime, you may take cetirizine to help control your symptoms since the weather mighe be aggravating your asthma. I also would recommend that you increase your oral fluid intake as well
Not really. You blood pressure may not be related with your asthma but your asthma might aggravate your blood pressure. I hope you can control your asthma and then your BP as well.
Is there anything else I can help you? Or is there anything that is not clear to you? I would gladly clarify them
In the meantime, dont forget to give me a five star rating on top of this conversation for the time and medical attention I have rendered answering your health concerns. Please note that you can still continue your consultation even after you have rated me. Thank you so much
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Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I don't know how the site works yet, but I have a question about this . – – – Is there any kind of medication that helps with my breathing – because I don't have an y flem, so it might not bee pollen related. Even when I drink water with a straw. I can't breathe through my nose and I have to brief and I ran out of breath while I'm drinking the water. And it's kind of shocking. Trying to catch my breath.
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
can a person with asthma stop breathing and die – is there a way when I'm sleeping. I can breathe better some kind of medication. Because the puffers don't seem to work properly. – – – And I think my Advair puffer is about one year old and it might have expired. So I have to try and get another one. I haven't been using it for the past year. The doctor gave it to me at emergency a year and a half ago. Does the Advair really work? And how long to notice. I was using it for about a month and my breathing did not improve. Not the slightest bit.
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
is there any cure for what I have. Or any way to get sleep. When the problem is happening – – – I've always got a shortness of breath.
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
is it possible to have allergies from the change in weather , but not have any mucus, but have problems breathing
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
thank you, Babar.