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My husband had a stroke and recovered his speech, it was

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Hello, my husband had a stroke and recovered his speech, it was seen to be a small clot. It is about 6 weeks and he noticed dizziness for an instant and I am wondering if it is a TIA. what is the best step to take, go to emergency, or get a prescription for a CT from the neurologist soon. or any other options? to make sure it is not a TIA. thanks,

Dear customer,

Thank you for the question.

The next best step for a momentary dizziness which has resolved is to get an imaging study of the brain done such as an MRI scan. At present, since the dizziness is not continuing and there are no additional symptoms there is no need to go to the emergency.

Dizziness can be due to many causes such as an abnormal blood pressure, low hemoglobin, or ear problems and does not always mean TIA. But in view of his recent stroke, I would recommend having an MRI done later when possible.

Take care.

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