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My mother in law has polycystic kidney disease for 35 years

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My mother in law has polycystic kidney disease for 35 years now, it runs in the family. It has progressed slowly and she is now end of stage 3 and entering stage 4 with dialysis possibly needed in a few months. That aside, she has hypertension.This past weekend she fell and now has extreme pain in her abdomen area only laying down, she also has been vomiting. The doctor ran blood work, and all ok except for low RBC. She had a head CT and ultrasound of her abdomen and all was ok, aside from a cyst on her kidney that probably bled. She has had many of these cysts in the past that have bled and none gave pain.Can you tell me any thoughts or possibly ideas.

hello Dr Wjhitney Im a urologist. She is lucky because 50-70% patients will have pain from bleeding into the cyst Is she a transplant candidate

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
No she is not. We are truly concerned about her current issue. She has terrible pain when laying down in her abdomen area and she can't keep food down. Any thoughts?

on occasion you can unroof the cyst if its on the edge to relieve the pain ,but risk of infection is , you have to control the pain till the nbleeding stops if real bad someplaces might selectively infarct that vessel but stops bleed not always the pain, very tough to manage, always look into transplant if her heart is good

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the infarction is a very radical move i did once for severe bleeding they usually tamponade themselves