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Dr. Stan, we have seen and immunologist - he has no

Customer Question

Dr. Stan, we have seen and immunologist - he has no allergies to seasonal allergens, no food allergies, and no pet allergies.We have seen an Internal Medicine Specialist and was tested for everything in the book, and he told us he could not help us as this is not his field.We have seen a hematologist - and his response was, unfortunately for Mr. Watson there is no clear etology for his symptoms.My understanding the lab has only tested for the 7 most common molds, and there are numerous molds that can cause health effects and have cross-reactivity (similar proteins).Literature also states In the primordial milieus found in WDB, many toxins, particles, fragments, spores, ect. are being released, each building will be different. The number of cell wall or desiccated colony fragments released into the air will be many hundred times greater than spores. Different species of molds, metabolites including mycotoxins and endotoxins will be found, many releasing different nutrients in their interior, fungi-including yeasts and molds-actively secrete their digestive enzymes onto their surface in a process called exodigestion. VOCs and MVOCs may also be released. WHO meeting on indoor air pollutants and exposures makes it clear that there may be multiple low-level toxins working in concert to affect human health and that dose response to a single agent may not apply.My understanding of Allegen specific only applies to antigen being tested for, I don't understand the comment he is allergic to something.
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

Mold causes allergy symptoms, that is why I said he is allergic to "something." Without specific testing, the source can't be known. But I will opt out and let another expert try to help you.