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Second opinion] I have a question about blood type

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Second opinion] Hello, I have a question about blood type compatibility and/or hemolytic disease. My wife and I have been trying to have a child and she has now miscarried twice - both times between 10-12 weeks. She is 32 years old, from the Philippines and is blood type O+. I am Caucasian and A+. She was previously married to a Korean man with blood type B+ and had two children with him. Their blood types are both B+. Is it possible that she has developed an anti-A immune reaction that is causing her to be unable to carry a child that inherits my blood type?
A little more background; her two previous pregnancies were without incident. I also have one child who is now in her teens. My wife has always had an irregular menstrual cycle; sometimes as much as two months between periods.
No thats not possible. Were the genetics of the babies she miscarried tested? The karyotypes. How old is she?
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