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I was icing my lower back and I fell asleep. I left it on

Customer Question

I was icing my lower back and I fell asleep. I left it on for 1 hour and twenty minutes...Today my muscles in that area feel swollen and sore (they aren't really swollen, but I can just feel that iced area of my back is agitated like a minor sprained ankle.)
Intermittently their has been more localized throbbing spits. And it was worse (the symptoms) during the night trying to sleep....
Nighttime pain
3.5 out of 10
Today pain
2.5 out of 10
- hurt to the touch (1 out of 10 pain scale).Agitation inflamed feeling (I can feel like sprain ankle, not talking about pain)
Nighttime 7.5 out if 10
Today 5 out of 10Is their nerve damage risk? Any other risk?
Should I go to doctor? What type of doctor?
What visual inspection or touch/movement tests should I do if any?Thanks
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  The Physician replied 2 months ago.

Welcome to

I am an Emergency physician with over 25 years multi-disciplinary experience.

I am going to be your expert in this question.

You may have had some 'frost bite' in the back muscle. Anything after 45 minutes may cause injury to the muscles and blood vessels

I would advise you to go to the ER, and let a doctor physically examine the area and determine if there is a chance you may have had any injury.

If it were in the extremities, then iit is worrisome, but in the lower back. Just go and get it examined, it is unlikely it will be anything major


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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank you very much. Will it do any harm to wait until tomorrow to go to the E.R. ??
The spinal cord was my worry. Could there have potentially been spinal cord damage?
Or things like erectile problems since it was so close to that area and it did hurt to urinate soon after I took off the ice pack....
Expert:  The Physician replied 2 months ago.

B​ased on the response, no it will not do any harm. If it were the extremities, then the approach would have differed. Just keep warm and go ASAP. In the morning

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I went to an urgent care and the nurse practitioner disagree with you and said their was no way their could be internal damage without visible signs of damage to the skin first.
So she didn't examine further. I know she is wrong because I am feeling the sensations. They are painful and real. What information online can I show the next doctor I see that you can damage internal tissues without damaging the skin...