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I have an issue with my saliva. I feel like my mouth is

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Hi,I have an issue with my saliva. I feel like my mouth is always full of very watery saliva and my gland/gums always feels sour. That causes me to "spit when I talk" and effects my speech making it harder for me to talk as well. Do you know what kind of doctor I should visit?

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Well, Any disorder affecting nerves associated with the mouth or throat can result in excessive saliva.
Also -Colds and respiratory infections usually cause greater amounts of saliva production.

Chronic sinusitis can cause excess production of saliva.
Also there are neurological disorders which can cause excess production of saliva. It can occur in-Bell's Palsy, Alzheimer's Disease,Parkinson's Disease.

If dentures, or some other dental problem is the cause, a dentist or orthodontist would obviously be the one to treat the condition.

If this is occurring due to- chronic sinusitis, or problems with tonsils, adenoids, or a throat infection, an ENT specialist would be the one most likely to be able to help.

You can start with ENT doctor and get this issue evaluated.

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Hi,Thank you for your response. I did actually see an ENT 2 years ago because I did have another issue where my the inside of my nose is always dry and I always feel like the upper part of my nose is closed and also effects my voice when talking. The ENT told me to use the "NeilMed" "SinuFlo" which does help cleaning out and opening up my nose a little. However, that only lasts for a short while and then the same problems occurs again. I went to an allergy specialist and they told me that I am allergic to some kind of trees and also to dust. What would you advise me to do now? Should I see the ENT again or should I seek a gum doctor or salivary gland doctor?


Sorry for delay in reply.

Well, you should see ENT doctor again.

They would examine, your throat and nasal passages.

I don't think, that your symptoms are related with dental problem.

So, you can start with ENT doctor and get it evaluated.

God bless you and take care.

Thank you.

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I know I should see an ENT for my nose but I dont see why that should help my excessive saliva issue. I literally feel like there is something wrong with my gums that are on the upper snd lower side of the back of my cheeks. It is not something related to my throat. It feels sour and always wet there. Is there any other doctor that you can recommend me other than an ENT? Is there a doctor that specializes in salivary glands? Also, what doctor would treat respiratory infections?

Well, to be honest, There are no such specialist doctor in salivary gland.

You can also get it evaluated by dentist, they can check if you had some issue with gums.

ENT doctor would treat respiratory infections.

Thank you.

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