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I've been bouncing around hotels and friends' homes in

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I've been bouncing around hotels and friends' homes in states other than that of my Medicaid for over a year (I haven't tried to use it). My legal address hasn't changed all this time. I'm probably going to settle very soon. I will certainly no longer qualify for Medicaid, so I'll probably buy a plan. My question is if I can expect to pay a no-insurance penalty under the ACA? For instance, if I had to do anything to renew Medicaid for 2017, I haven't been able to check mail at my home address in a long time. Let's assume for the moment that political changes to ACA don't affect penalties. Thanks in advance.
you don't know if you had Medicaid for 2017? You should check first
It sounds like you may be exempt- Exemptions include 1. Homelessness. /hardship 2. The most affordable plan is over 8% of your income. 3. You wont make enough money in 2017 to owe taxes. If none apply you owe a penalty which is a percent of your adjusted gross income or a flat rate. For tax year 2016, the penalty will rise to 2.5% of your total household adjusted gross income, or $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, to a maximum of $2,085.For tax year 2017 and beyond, the percentage option will remain at 2.5%, but the flat fee will be adjusted for inflation.I would suggest applying for a hardship exemption under homelessness and explaining the circumstance.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Is Medicaid something you have to manually renew, or it's automatic until you switch off of it? Or don't know?
It depends on the state
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