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Have been suffering with sciatica pain that runs from my

Customer Question

Have been suffering with sciatica pain that runs from my right hip down to my ankle for three months. When I stand or walk for a few minutes, l experience this terrible pain that turns me into a "cripple". I then use my cane to wobble around only if l must get from one place to another. When l sit or lay down in bed the pain slowly disappears. I have taken all kinds of pain medicines with no help. I am presently taking therapy by a chiropractor twice a week now for two weeks. There is no change on my pain so far but l think after a longer period of chiropractic therapy, l should be rid of this crippling pain??? WHAT SHOULD I DO???
JA: What medications do you take daily? Are you allergic to any medications?
Customer: Am not allergic to any medicine. Daily meditations:
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know?
Customer: Daily meditations: Abiraterone Acetate (ZYTIGA), Prednisone, for my prostate cancer.
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 months ago.

Hello, this is Dr. David. I am reviewing your question now and will be with you momentarily.

Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 months ago.

I am sorry you are having such bad sciatica pain

you should see a conventional MD or DO doctor and get an examination of your lower back and siatia area

you should get an MRI scan of your lumbar and sacral spine to look for areas of pinched nerves in these areas causing your pain

you may benefit from a steroid injection if they find the source of the pinched nerve and siatica pain to help decrease swelling and pressure on your nerves there.

if you have a history of homone refractory prostate cancer, you should get a bone scan to check for spread of prostate cancer.

prostate cancer can spread to bones and joints and grow and cause pain and pressure on nerves.

you may need palliative radiation therapy to the area to shrink prostate cancer if it has spread.

zytiga is only used when the prostate cancer grows despite lupron anti-testostetrone therapy.

let me know if you have questions.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I've had colon cancer in 1992. The operation was a success. Can't remember when, say about 2005, prostate cancer became my problem. Had radiation therapy done. PSA was okay for a while with the lupron injection. Finally stopped the lupron injection since all was in control
. Then a few years later the PSA went up!
CAT scan shows cancer had spread to the
Lower spine. The good news is since then,
the once a year CAT scan tells us that the
cancer in the lower spine is not spreading.
It's been 4 years now. PSA is 1.02.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 months ago.

I see.

since your prostate cancer has metastasized, you need to stay on anti-testosterone lupron therapy

you should still see a doctor

and get an MRI scan of your lower back and siatica and pelvic area to check for pinched nerve.

that information can help show what may be causing your pain

and then a treatment plan can be made for your pain.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
There is only a slight pain in my lower back. The sciatica pain is my biggest problem now.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 months ago.

I see. you could have arthritis or bursitis or a bone spur causing pressure on the femoral nerves or siatica nerves which run down from the sacrum down into the leg

an MRI scan of the area can really help see what is going on in the area.