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Vakul Aren
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Question--I had surgery on my left leg 11 years ago due to a

Customer Question

Question--I had surgery on my left leg 11 years ago due to a broken bone. A metal "pin" was attached to the femur to allow the bone to heal but the procedure left the leg 3/4 inch shorter than the right leg. Over time this imbalance has caused my spine at the base to curve slightly according to x-rays done by an orthopedic doctor in June 2015. This also appears to put extra pressure on my right leg, hip, knee, shin and ankle and I experience pain in all of these areas plus my lower back on the right side at times. Unfortunately OTC pain meds do not help much and I have tried orthotics and heel lifts but cannot make these work and a back brace does not help because the problem is not just my back but my entire right side from back to ankle.
I left a job about a year ago where I did regular heavy lifting because this was aggravating the problem and picked up another job with some lighter lifting. But one project I was assigned unexpectedly and was not part of the original job description when I was hired does involve routine lifting of 50 lbs or more and it is my belief that continuing to do this regularly will cause additional problems in the future with all of the areas mentioned above.
I am trying to convince my employer to assign the project to someone else. There are a variety of reasons for this but the main one is the increased pain and discomfort that I experience during and after working on this. I am happy with the rest of this work and I want to keep the job just not this project. When I stated my problem to a trainer last year I was told I needed a doctor's note to be removed from a project. I do not have insurance anymore and cannot afford to see a specialist. I do have the doctor's bill from the original diagnosis back in 2015.
What I am looking for is not a diagnosis but a general opinion, an educated guess, as to whether the physical problems I have now could possibly get worse and are more likely to get worse if I continue routine heavy lifting when compared to someone who does not have the same leg length discrepancy and the attendant problems I am experiencing. I did experience a minor injury back in December which I reported to HR and I don't want to have something worse happen. Thank you.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 6 months ago.

Evidently,as stated by you lifting of heavier loads aggravates your problem.....

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I don't understand this answer. I'm looking for a comprehensive statement from a medical professional about the future effects of heavy lifting on my back hip knee shin and ankle when I have leg length discrepancy of 3/4 inch on my left leg and I am already having problems