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Rather difficult question to ask. I'm a married 54 year old

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Rather difficult question to ask. I'm a married 54 year old male, with minor gynecomastia. I have been on antidepressants for several years and there has been little to no erections however my wife and I still enjoy healthy, although limited sex. I no longer mind getting erections anymore. Together we have talked about me enlarging my breasts - either by surgery or hormones. Not looking for MTF transformation. With out going into detail this is something that I am highly interested in. What should my next steps be? Any ideas how I can approach my family physician? Should I be looking for a transgender clinic? Would they prescribe hormones for this reason? Do they perform implants on men in Canada? Thank you

Hello, I am Dr Whelihan - a gynecologist, and I manage M>F and F>M transexuals in my practice. Your questions are quite common. You are correct, not all doctors are familiar with how to manage these patients. I do lectures to physicians to assist them. There is a website which is a terrific site to inform doctors and patients about what's new in the management of transgendered patients. It has links to protocols for docs to follow. Not sure of your state, but I am in South Florida. The degree of transition is totally up to the patient and all options are generally on the table. Yes, hormones are generally prescribed and maximum breast development in M>F patients is generally seen by 2 years of treatment. If you are not satisfied with those results, you can have a breast augmentation (implants).

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