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In paternity, it appears that certain STR alleles are

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In paternity, it appears that certain STR alleles are presumed to be inherited from the father vs the mother, is this so?
Allele D7S820 Mother: 8 10 Child: 8 10 Alleged Father: 8 8 / results appear to presume the 8 is from Alleged Father and 10 from Mother. Could it not also be 8 from Mother, 10 from True Father, excluding the alleged father?

Yes, if the true father is 8 10. If it was known Fact: True parents ; mother 8 10, and father; 8 8, than it would be presumed that way. But in instance where father was unknown: It could come from father. So it could be possible that 8 mother/ 10 father.

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