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Can your firm give me an opinion based on blood tests from

Customer Question

Can your firm give me an opinion based on blood tests from two months that were drawn because a person became very unwell, went to the ICU, was sent home saying they were well and they died the next day. I am not looking for a legal opinion or even one that states what treatment should have been administered but simply what the most likely diagnosis was? I'm not looking for anyone to say there was or wasn't neglect involved but simply what the most obvious diagnosis was. I would want an MD if possible but will accept the opinion of any medical field trained person. Than you Pearl. Sincerely, ***** ***** Elk City, OK
JA: I'm the Doctor's Assistant. I work with them to help customers like you. Is this a time sensitive issue? What type of specimen are they testing?
Customer: Tests were already done, would you like me to list them. (It's not that lengthy but would still take me a bit of time?
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know?
Customer: I'm actually doing this on behalf of my mother but yes, she was told she had one bad kidney a couple of years ago but that nothing needed done because she had one good one in her body still.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 7 months ago.

Hello, this is Dr. David. I am reviewing your question now and will be with you momentarily.

Expert:  Dr. David replied 7 months ago.

sure, you can upload the lab work here, I would be happy to look at them.

can you tell me more about the patient this happened to?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
she had very severe pain with urination and urine that got on her burned terrible. She had a creatinine level that was elevated intermittently but quite often, for years. On her final test, it was at "1.33" with 1.2 being highest normal. At the same time she had Anemia with hemoglobin being at "9.4" (5 other lows on the anemia counts). At the same time, her Platelets were at "676" with highest normal being "400". Her Neutrophils were "11.6" above normal and her CK level was "40" points above normal. She was having frequent vomiting when going to the ICU, dizziness and finally could not breath. These were her blood results and had to be available to her emergency room Dr. or PCP because she went to the hospital; especially with them being drawn at about 1:00PM the day before and her not being transported by ambulance the next day at also around 1:00PM. Her tests the day before when she was taken to ICU by my dad, were not as bad but quite bad none-the-less (hemoglobin at "9.6", plus 3 other anemia counts and platelets at 272 points above normal (next day 276 points above. I can possibly relate more but wonder if this might be sufficient as to help with the answer as to what needed done. I have the answer myself but need to see if you concur (I'm not a med Pro but some things are more obvious than others). Thank much!
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Dr. David,
I need to apologize because I stated earlier that a diagnosis was not necessarily what I would ask for but of course very appreciated regardless. What I mainly was seeking was what the most apparent diagnosis would be. Sorry about that. Still I'll take what you can supply me answer-wise. Thanks again. I think possibly another phone message is needed checked by me.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 7 months ago.

these blood tests are general and don't point to specific problems or imminent danger

CK levels being 40 points over normal is a sign of inflammation of the muscles or possibly myositis

CKMB levels elevation can be a sign of heart muscle inflammation and damage and recent heart attack.

CKMB is a specific type of CK protein.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I'm sure this will P you off and of course on top of this, laypersons are dumb as donkey's anyway but the high neutrophils, the thrombocytosis among other things says there was a secondary cause for the anemia. The high CK, according to the many top resources state that organ failure other than the heart can cause the condition. QUOTE: Mayo Clinic "Reactive thrombocytosis" causes include:
•Acute bleeding and blood loss
•Allergic reactions
•Chronic kidney failure or another kidney disorder
•Heart attack
•Coronary artery bypass
•Infections, including tuberculosis
Plus several other causes they list. The next set of info is QUOTE: "Kidney failure" If unrecognized or untreated, the following symptoms of kidney failure may develop into life-threatening circumstances.
•Shortness of breath
•Generalized swelling (edema)
•Generalized weakness due toanemia
•Loss of appetite
•Congestive heart failure
•Metabolic acidosis
•High blood potassium (hyperkalemia)
•Fatal heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) including ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation
•Rising urea levels in the blood (uremia) may lead tobrain encephalopathy,pericarditis (inflammation of the heart lining), or low calcium blood levels (hypocalcemia)
CHF is the only symptom in this list she did not have. If fact in my question info I sent you the Doctos stated, "healthy heart" in the report. We who are under genocide (not the thought of a mentally ill person, medical errors are 3rd leading cause of death in the USA). The reason is because of slough-offness (my term) and being to burnt-out to look close enough to heal or save lives. I had to insist on thyroid tests 13 years ago because I was sloughed-off and it appeared clearly when I found a Dr. Office who would do them (very high TSH and flagged-low T-3).
I believe it is very possible that you are not an MD at all (not trying to insult I truly believe this is very possible.) I need your service stopped. it is a scam in which you give people extremely vague info., to keep a monthly service going. I need an email from the office of JustAnswer, saying my "subscription is canceled. If this is not done in less than a week, I will be sending a complaint to the IC3 (online FBI). I have screenshot of this page showing "Dr. David". I'm also warning my bank. I've never sued anyone before in my life (I'm age 54) but have used the IC3 to great result before. I'm simply fed up. Please have them send that confirmation to me @ email:***@******.*** that says you will not take any further payments from me.
James Lowrance
Expert:  Dr. David replied 7 months ago.

I am an MD. as you can see high platelet counts can be caused by many different issues and don't point to one possible cause.

I am not trying to "genocide" anyone.