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My dad is in stage 3 CKD, been there a good three years, but

Customer Question

My dad is in stage 3 CKD, been there a good three years, but his local nephrologist suggest he have a consultation with a dialysis nurse to become familiar with the choices should his kidneys stop, or he reach the stage 4 level. He has been in kidney failure on a couple of occasions, due to dehydration/pneumonia but recouped. Says everything is stable now, is on a no salt diet, 64 ounces of water per day. The question is, we would like to travel for Christmas to the keys. His kidney doc said okay, but to stay near a good hospital. Key West has a hospital with a nephrology team, but we are going to be 55 miles away, in mid Keys. The question is, if he noticed the real dark urine, or could not urinate at all, are we too far away from help considering an hour drive? There is a hospital within 5 minutes that has internal medicine doctors and a cardiologist on staff, if you think that would be the first stop..... just want to be prepared to do what is best if he misbehaves over the trip! Its been a year since his last issue, but would hate to have another episode while away from home and not know what to do.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Scott replied 10 months ago.

Hi there,

If it was my father, I would take him to the closest hospital to see if they could help first. It would be unlikely that he would need dialysis if he had been well controlled for 3 years. The internal medicine team can administer IV medications which are stronger then the oral medications. If you continue his diet and medications, I suspect that he will not need any emergent or urgent dialysis. The hardest part is traveling because most people will eat out more then usually. Fast food and restaurant food contain a lot of salt additives so you have to be careful with both. In addition, you should call your nephrologist before going to the hospital to see his he/she has any recommendations first.

Expert:  Dr. Scott replied 10 months ago.

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