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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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Please help me I had a bad car wreck may 3 2016 and i have

Customer Question

please help me I had a bad car wreck may 3 2016 and i have been going thru chriopactors, dr, MRI's i mean everything ,i have a lawyer, its a really big case, 2 months ago i live in denham springs, la and we had ahuge flood i lost everything, so i was going to primary care Dr for my pain med which i was only able to get 2 10 mg percete a day 60 qty
JA: What medications do you take daily? Are you allergic to any medications?
Customer: so my attorney made arragements to send me to another dr for my neck and back and brain, so i was going to him also, he was prescribing me only Norco 10mg, those do not do anything for me, so i need to get my pain relieved so i went to my primary care dr a,d he precribed my normal med my 10 mg 60 qty percetes, so i am way better, but when i go back to the other DR that my attourney set up for me he said that i was dr shopping so he cut me off right then and there, and i just an CISE injection in my neck, this past tues, so now i am in more pain , what do i do?
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know?
Customer: yeah a bunch what u need? i have a MRI for my neck for my back and CAT Scan for my brain
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 8 months ago.

Hello from JustAnswer.

Once you decided to return to your primary care physician and received the Percocet, why did you return to the other doctor?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Because he is working with me on my neck and head problems , I have 3 herneted disk in my neck, 3 herneted disk in my L4 and L5 and 2 bulging disk and one of them has shifted to the other side if am saying that right, and 2 synotic nerve also in my back , I have a lot of problem a have a huge case thru wreck , for all this its being paid for plus's what ever money after the settlement is complete, my problem is I know I messed up by going to my primary doctor after seeing the other doctor that my attorney got me an appointment for I know I was doing wrong but the narcos 10 milligrams weren't doing anything at all and I was hurting like I said we had a big flood here I was having to move all kind of stuff blah blah blah and so I went to my primary doctor to get the Percocets and yeah whenever I return back to the doctor that my attorney assigned to me he found out that always going to know doctor to get my other prescription so he stopped giving you medicine altogether and then he said well who's going to give you two injections in your neck which I had last Wednesday and now I'm really I'm just been hurting all weekend all week I need some advice
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 8 months ago.

At this point, you may have already burned your bridges. If the second doctor is providing a different aspect of care, it is perfectly OK to see multiple doctors, each serving a role in your care. But when seeking controlled substances from more than one physician, and particularly if it is done without the fore-knowledge of each physician, then it is appropriate for the doctor to refuse to write another prescription. In fact, if they were to continue to write the prescriptions for opiates, they might come under investigation of the state medical licensing board (although each board has their own threshold of when to initiate an investigation).

At this point, your only options would be to speak to each doctor and try to work with each regarding their respective roles in your care, and that part of the plan for care is that you will only get controlled substances from one doctor. If both of these doctors have gotten to the point that they are unwiling to prescribe controlled substances, then you would have to establish with a different doctor, but eve that doctor will be able to access the information about the prescriptions that have been filled to this point, so you certainly need to be up front with that physician.