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In early 2015 I had severe spinal stenosis, manifesting

Customer Question

In early 2015 I had severe spinal stenosis, manifesting itself in bad sciatica-like pains down the backs of both legs. Back surgery was scheduled but my cardiologist said that a defective heart/aorta valve had to be fixed prior to the back surgery.
I had a successful TAVR procedure on my aorta. Concurrent with that surgery, my spinal stenosis pains disappeared immediately and now, a year later, have not returned.
My cardio-surgeon cannot explain this. Can you?
Thank you
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Moe Zafarani replied 10 months ago.

I'll be glad to help.

Your case sounds very interesting, and as a Cardiologist I can understand your concern. The truth is that when you have severe aortic valve stenosis, there is decreased blood flow to everywhere in the body, including muscles and nerve bundles -- at times and probably in your case as well - these low perfusion states present themselves as aches and pains , even in sciatica like fashion as the result of low blood delivery and low oxygen in the muscles affected (in this case pririformis).

So what does this mean for you? You probably still have spinal stenosis, but the symptoms were due to a low perfusion state due to your disease aortic valve - hence the improved symptoms since the TAVR.

Wish you best of luck ;)

warm regards

Expert:  Moe Zafarani replied 10 months ago.

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