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Dr Uzair
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I went to the emergency complaining of burning sensation in

Customer Question

Hi my name is Latonya,
I went to the emergency complaining of burning sensation in my lower left abdomin and swelling in upper stomach with mild fever. Xray showed Inflamation and blockage called diverticulitis, blood test was normal and the doctor only gave me Bental and refferred me to the GI doctor which my appointment is not until Monday the 17th.
Now I'm having more symtoms for the past 3 days in the evening and late nights I'm experiencing pain all over my body like a electric shock wave mostly on left side goes into my left leg and radiates in my back and shoulder blade like a nerve sensation. I'm shaking all over just scared don't know what to do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Uzair replied 1 year ago.

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. My name is Uzair.
I am reviewing your post and will get back to your reply momentarily.

Expert:  Dr Uzair replied 1 year ago.

Bental is used for treating irritable bowel syndrome and it can cause lightheadedness, nausea and dizziness, confusion and fainting etc. But it does not cause the symptoms you are currently experiencing, however, you can discontinue the medication if you think its responsible for the symptoms you have going on to see if that helps.

Electrical pain radiating down the leg from the spine is usually a sign of nerve impingement which is unrelated to the diverticulitis and the medication. It should be taken as a separate entity and treated as such. I would advise that you get some bed rest, avoid odd postures and start on an anti inflammatory medication like Aleve (Naproxen) 500 mg twice a day, a hot bath at night and massage of the upper and lower back with anti inflammatory liquigel like Ibuprofen gel four times a day.

In diverticulitis, the best thing to do is to stay on a low fiber diet till the symptoms have subsided and to gradually slide in to a high fiber diet after a couple of weeks.

Juices, broths, ice pops, white bread, poultry and meat etc.

Hope this helps.

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Expert:  Dr Uzair replied 1 year ago.

PLease let me know if you have followup questions.