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First let me preface this question with acknowledgement of

Customer Question

First let me preface this question with acknowledgement of the fact that one should not take any prescription medication unless it is specifically prescribed to them. Being well aware of this, I have not knowingly taken medication that could be harmful and/or ineffective to my health.
Nevertheless, I was looking for allergy medicine in my moms purse and accidentally mistook it for 70mg Vyvanse. Well an hour of so after infestation of the amphetamine, I started to feel weird and knew something wasn't right. Well, the question I need answered (and preferably not in generic fashion) is will I pass a regular UA for a job? Below I will provide as many variables as I can think of.
1. The pill was ingested approximately 53 hours prior to the screening
2. I am 30 year old 5'8" 175 lb male in peak physical condition. I keep my body hydrated and eat clean regularly. Also, during the 53 hours between ingestion and screen I worked out twice, sweat a lot, and used the restroom 15-25 times roughly.
3. Frequency of usage is not a factor because this was an isolated incident so this is the only time the medication had been taken.
4 I have no other health related issues other than occasional hemorrhoid flare up. I take no other medications.
5. This may be redundant, but just to reiterate, I was relatively busy during the 2+ days and doing my best to ignore the lethargy that came after the effects wore off. I also tend to sweat in my sleep.
To close, I'm not sure how this site works and since I don't seem to paying anything, I doubt the help could be too in depth. But I am nervous because this is a good job and I did not think about that showing up until after the fact. Also, it seems that some tests do not test for this, but I don't like taking risks and would appreciate some kind of insight. Thank you.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 11 months ago.

Hello from JustAnswer.

There is a good chance that this drug will be detected in a screening test performed 53 days after a single use. The Vyvanse is converted into dextroamphetamine, and the usual period of detection of dextroamphetamine is up to 3 days after a single use and can occasionally bve detected up to 4 days after a single use.

As with all drugs, the rate of metabolism varies between individuals, even of the same height and weight, and there are some people in whom it will only be detected for 2 days. So, it is possible that the drug will not be detected. But, there is a good chance that it could be detected at 53 hours after a single use.

Sweating will not significantly alter the period of detection, but drinking a good amount of fluid can help somewhat by diluting the urine and decreasing the concentration of the drug metabolites in the urine. If you drank so much fluid that you used the restroom 15-25 times during this period, then you were drinking sufficient fluid to put yourself in the best situation to pass the test.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.