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Opiates: Could a patient use 6-8mg of dilaudid once per week

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Could a patient use 6-8mg of dilaudid once per week without building any tolerance or withdrawal effects? Twice a week?
At what dose does risk of sleep or respiratory depression become a concern?Co-administration of Stimulant + Benzodiazapines:
I've read some articles stating benzo's can help offset the heart rate and impotence effects of stimulants like cocaine... while other's have said their conflicting nature actually increases the cardiac risks. Is this true or false?

Hi. Dr. Ashori here.

Even once a week use of dilaudid will cause tolerance.

Maybe if used every 2-3 months, even then with dilaudid the risk of tolerance is higher.

With dilaudid even 2mg can cause major risk of sleep or respiratory depression though much less likely if someone has taken this for some time.

The use of benzo and cocaine together would not offset the effects, they would augment the catecholamine effects and increase risk of sudden death and cardiac risks.

This is hard to explain on this platform but it has to do with the bezos actually causing a short time of low catecholamines but in reality heightening the overall release of catacholamines.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok, thank you. 5-stars.
Just to make sure I understand..
You're saying codeine or opium tincture at equivalent doses, will have lower tendency for tolerance and sleep/respiratory depression than dilaudid?
If lorazepam is not a desired choice to offset stimulant induced impotence, then what is? (levitra had no effect, so it's not due to vasoconstriction)

That's correct, dilaudid is very concentrated so much higher chance of tolerance.

Some patients try propranolol which is a beta blocker, that might work for you.

Hope my answers were helpful.

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thank you

Dr. Ashori

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