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Dr. D. Love
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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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I am 60 yrs. old. born with knees and ankles out of

Customer Question

i am 60 yrs. old. born with knees and ankles out of alignment and they and my feet always hurt and i get charlie horses in my feet. i had a bad neck injury in the 70"s and now have born spurs that have worked their way down my spine. i also have degenerative disc problems for several yrs. i have sculioiuse(sp) my spine is an s. hips are starting to be involved. l am my 88 yr old mother;s caregiver 24/7. i cant have surgery on anything til she passes. i dont get respite and its been like this for over 10 yrs. my dr has had me on norco and soma for many yrs. except when he would try me on another muscle relax. none of them work. now he has decided not to prescribe them to anyone anymore. i know they r not illegal. everything was managed well with meds and braces due to the fact my mom needs me. how do i fine a dr. that will precribe the soma with out just trial and error? i dont get paid, so i cant afford extra new patient charges . can u plz tell me what i can do to continue the med. care that i was on, cause it worked. i would never abuse or sell anything, im 60 and not into that stuff.l dr
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 11 months ago.

Hello from JustAnswer.

Did this doctor say why he is no longer willing to prescribe the medicines?

Was this doctor willing to refer you to another doctor?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
he said they made soma illegal because of kids abusing and he just wasnt gonna deal with them anymore. i found out that's a lie. and yes, he will refer me, but has no idea who would prescribe them. i cant just go hit and miss till i find one. im a 24/7 caregiver with no pay. im just trying to manage my pain and problems until i can do surgeries.
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 11 months ago.

It is not that Soma has been made illegal, but that it has been made a controlled substance, and certain states have intensified the expectation for doctors to prescribe it. The Soma, itself, would be illegal, but prescribing it without satisfying these regulatory requirements would be considered illegal in that state.

If his unwillingness is related to increasing regulatory requirements in your state, then it may affect the willingness of other doctors to prescribe the drug.

Where are you located?

I realize that you would have entered your location when you registered for the site, but the experts are not able to access personal information as a means to maintain privacy.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
i also was born with knees and ankles out of line, which wasnt addressed and now they r really bad. 2 rt. knees surgies and 2 bad bunions. one replaced with sillicon implant
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 11 months ago.

Where are you located?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
harris county tx
and i also have many xrays and mri's to justify my need. i take norco 10 as a p.k., but without soma to relax the muscels that knot up cause of neck spurs, and i dont know why my lower back is 1 huge raised and hard mus. on the left side. im looking into braces to correct my knees and ankles being out of line, but somas were helping that pain too.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
i have to go to the store, can we continue when i get back?
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 11 months ago.

Yes, that would be fine.

Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 11 months ago.

I have not heard yet that you are back from the store, but I have been using this time to see what I can find with investigation.

I cannot find the specific regulatory changes that has been implemented in Texas. I can find a number of people that live in Texas and are lamenting that their doctor will no longer prescribe Soma. But I cannot find the specific regulatory change that has caused this.

As for finding a doctor that is certain to prescribe Soma, that is a difficult situation, as any doctor will only be able to say that they are willing to prescribe any controlled substance after evaluatinig a patient.

The usual first recommendation is that a local primary care doctor will have more experience with the local specialists, including whether the doctor has prescribed chronic use of controlled substances to other patients that have been referred. So, a local primary care doctor is usually better able to refer you to a doctor that will be willing to prescribe Soma. Even with that knowledge, it is not a guarantee, as the new doctor will still need to make an independent assessment, but it would be more likely to be prescribed the medicine.

If the doctor that as been prescribing the Soma is not able to make such a recommendation, and you have had any care provided by a different primary care physician, then it would be an option to ask whether that primary care physician would be able to make a recommendation.

In the absence of such local knowledge, the best that I can tell you is that it is more likely that you will be able to get a prescription in this situation if your are seen by a Physiatrist that offers a Pain Management practice, A Physiatrist is also called a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist. I have found a couple of doctors in Houston that are such a specialty and highly rated, including Dr. Allen Dorsett at phone number(###) ###-####and Dr. Shabrez Tariq at phone number(###) ###-####

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.