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I have a question about pilonidal cyst. I recently learned

Customer Question

I have a question about pilonidal cyst. I recently learned of this condition simply by happenstance and have been concerned that I may have one. I say this because for the last several years I have occasionally noticed a small bump below my tailbone or the very top of my gluteal cleft. This bump never became painful or swollen and it never had any discharge to my knowledge. Occasionally I would notice it if I was sitting on a hard surface with poor posture. I figured it was simply a clogged pore or benign cyst and I was never concerned with it until I found out about pilonidal cysts. I recently examined the area and saw no evidence of this bump nor did I see any abnormalities such as a pilonidal sinus; also I do not have much body hair in that area. So what should I think? Could it have been a pilonidal cyst that simply went away? Or could it still be under the surface in which case I could be at risk of an abscess or infection? If it was a pilonidal cyst wouldn’t it have caused symptoms by now since I'm 32. This matter has me very concerned. Thank you.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 10 months ago.

Hi, Dr. Stan here to help you today. You may have a small bump at the bottom of your tail bone, but you have never had symptoms of a Pilonidal cyst. So, the "bump" is an anatomical structure, but not a cyst. Since you have not had symptoms and never had symptoms, the chances are excellent that you will never have an active Pilonidal cyst.

I am here to answer any additional questions you may have. Thank you for allowing me to provide assistance. I hope your medical problem(s) are resolved soon and you feel better. We are credited only after you give a positive rating of 3-5 stars for the information I provided. Thank you.

Expert:  Dr Stan replied 10 months ago.

Most occurrences of Pilonidal cyst are from puberty to age 40. The vast majority of first events are in the early 20's. If no event in 20's, then the incidence of later age occurrence is greatly diminished.

Expert:  Dr Stan replied 10 months ago.

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