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Symptoms: Feverish sometimes, indigestion, light butterfly

Customer Question

Symptoms: Feverish sometimes, indigestion, light butterfly rash on face, hypersensitivity and muscle soreness right side of body and pain and twitching from right buttock extending down back of leg to foot (constantly aching for a short period of time pines and needles then that never poped back up. Made worse with high blood sugar, sitting or standing for long periods mainly sitting. Relieved by heat) originally I injured this leg while running and it was excruciating pain that felt as if I broke my femur or hip but it past and it keeps returning. It is also swollen in the buttock area as if the nerve is irritated or the blood vessels are swollen, clotting or leaking like dvt (one day I felt an instant relieve in my leg and then my chest felt like I was have a heart attack and then I told myself to man up and drink some concord grapes juice and take an aspirin I felt better when I woke up), brain fog (with food mainly containing cholesterol), headache, memory loss and confusion, I find myself almost out of character sometimes, fatigue, poor vision adaptability to light and sometimes blurry, mouth sores or cheeck bites it looks like, dandruff, blood in stool (this past but it seems worth mentioning), abdominal pain, constipation, dandruff, constant urination and feeling of dehydration directly related, minor rash that appeared to be shingles on left hand. I am thinking that I have Lupus, shingles, and possibly diabetic. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

you list a lot of different symptoms here

many of your symptoms are non specific and don't point to one medical condition.

many of your symptoms suggest and the way you have posted your question, you could be having excessive anxiety symptoms or psychological issues as well.

excessive anxiety symptoms can cause brain fog and headaches and confusion and fuzzy memory and feeling out of character.