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Nadim Al-Mubarak
Nadim Al-Mubarak, Doctor
Category: Medical
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I was diagnosed with High BP at age 29 and have been treated

Customer Question

I was diagnosed with High BP at age 29 and have been treated for since then. I am now 74 yrs old. I have had various spells of uncontrolled High BP since then. I fell and hit my head 2 months ago. Did not go to the Doctor as I seemed ok. However suddenly my BP dropped when taking my BP meds to such a dangerously low count I have had to stop taking any of them. Low as in 78/58. I have had slight head aches but no other alarming symptoms. I am not schedules to see my regular Doctor until September. I do have other Medical Conditions. Congestive Heart Failure. Had a Mild Heart Attack 3 yrs ago. Spinal Stenosis which I have periodic shots for and take pain meds for.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Nadim Al-Mubarak replied 11 months ago.

Hi there

What is your question ?

Expert:  Nadim Al-Mubarak replied 11 months ago.
  • If this BP is accurate, then you will need to be evaluated by a physician. If you can not not see your regular doctor soon, then you have to go Urgent Care or ER.
  • There are many factors, specific to you, that need to be taken into account when evaluating your BP. To name few; your current clinical condition and history, your clinical examination, your heart function, your kidney function, you EKG, electrolytes, if you are in heart failure etc. the list goes on
  • Only direct evaluation can put these factors together and address the need for more testing or treatment

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Expert:  Nadim Al-Mubarak replied 11 months ago.

Let me know if you have any more questions