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This problem is a pip. Over the past year my brother (just

Customer Question

This problem is a pip. Over the past year my brother (just 70 yrs. old) has come down with a med. problem that has stymied every doctor from The Mass General...Brigham and Women...Newton Wellsley hospitals. Up until this year George has always been in the peak of health....excercising regularly and every day...watching his diet closley. His background includes 2 tours in Vietnam.... coming out as Captain with the Marines....and a long distinguished career with the FBI..... he just retired a few years ago. Healthy is something he could always count on ....and he worked hard at it. A year ago right out of the blue George came down with pain in his hip that was so horrible he was taken to the hospital. He was told he had a hematoma on his hip (very large) and it was bleeding into him. Not only did he need blood transfusions.... but to try and bring the pain into control it took his staying in the hospital to be medicated. He had pain medications that are so strong I never even heard of them. It took them 3 days till it was brought under control properly and he could finally sleep. The doctors said that it was a blood vessel they were pretty sure .....although its so small they simply can't see where it is. We atleast we felt the worst was over and he seemed seemed so much better...till it happened again....same hip...a few weeks later.... again... same hip....2 mos. later......and again...left hip this time. Needless to say there were Doctors all over this case NOT ONE could tell him what was wrong...WHY this was happening. Specialists were called etc....NOTHING. I went to see him after yet another biopsy in his bone on his leg (it was normal like...... every other test is normal). Anyway he held his pant leg up to show me the site of the test a few days before...and there was a HUGE hematoma...about the size of a baseball. George has been tested for everything...many ...many tests....all NORMAL. They can't see it....they do not know what has caused it ....and I am terrified its going to keep happening. The whole last year of my brothers life has been hell on earth for him. WHAT IS HAPPENING ??? WHY CANT ANY of the DOCTORS in all thier years of experience and study NOT have ever seen this....cannot find out what it is. I am scared to death for my brother. He has never known this kind of pain....he is such a strong man that he's the only person I know that would rather have pain than take medication. He destroyed the tip of his ring finger in an accident some years ago. It was sopainful the doctor gave him pain medication. George , rather than give in to taking the meds ......sat up all night long in excruciating pain till it healed itself ! It was so painful for him but he never took the medicine. My point is I am scared this willkeep happening and who knows if a hematoma pops up (God Forbid) in his brain....near his heart...or some other vital site. him. Is thier someone you know that can possibly help ? Can you be the one who will help him? PLEASE....I dont care where we have to go....or how much it costs....he needs much help
very soon.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 11 months ago.

This is Dr. David

at age 70, he is at an advanced age, his blood vessels can break.

this is not unusual in a 70 year old after all that he has been through.

even healthy 70 year olds can have risks for blood vessel rupture

has he had angiogram studies of the blood vessels of his legs and hips?

has he had a blood vessel biopsy for evaluation of his blood vessels?