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I'm feeling this very war he breathlessness lately like I

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I'm feeling this very war he breathlessness lately like I can't catch my breath ! , why I say it strange is cause I am a pretty long time smoker pack and a half a day for the last eleven years
Also for the last eleven years very sedentary and not eating as I did before eleven years ago ( there is a reason not medical in physical sense anyway ) dissociative disorder of some sort but due to life changes that surround me in a way I can't explain it to you here or myself or a doctor I'd see in person anyway I been getting breathless short of breath lately like I can't catch my breath I'll also breathe more deeply and rapidly trying to catch my breath to no avail and it's been happening sporadically out of the clear blue , I'm hooping it more anxiety related then physical damage thanks to smoking but I'm sure it thanks to both at least to a degree ! what would you advise I do I'm finding out how far the extent of damage done to my lungs andehagever else thanks to smoking may be ? I am 36 almost 37 and feel as if my mental issues the past eleven years have damaged my body beyond repair thanks to the amount of cigs I smoked the last eleven years while being very sedentary as well as not eating right as I once did !? Strange part is sometimes I don't feel breathless at all and I'm wondering what this may be thanks to goethite could be possible and why this is ? If in fact my breathlessness can be due to smoking ? Any help and insight greatly appreciate the anxiety I having most of these days is fact I feel so breathless at such a young age even with my smoking but due to me living so sedentary and not eating right I am panicking ice done enough damage to the irreversible extent due to fact I am very aware that damage caused by smoking when it comes to or lungs is pretty much irreversible !!!??? Sorry for very long and maybe somewhat ramble like message I am aware of this much due to fact previous me before life changes that changed me was a very straight and to the point person if you get what I mean ?

Hi there

  • Although smoking and associated bronchitis as well as sedentary life style can very much explain your symptoms, this is clearly a recent change and it needs to be evaluated before it's blamed on these two issues
  • I would advise you to have this checked out as soon as you can, preferably today, at an ER, urgent care of by your doctor if that is possible. You will need a detailed history, a direct exam and a chest xRay to start with. In light of your smoking history, this should not be ignored

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Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Wow this sounds pretty serious ? I am notnhavingbbretahinh problems today this is the weird part

No, it does not sound serious, but serious issues, though less likely, need to be excluded in light of your history. If you are not having any further symptoms today, then you can wait until evaluated by your family doctor early in the week if feasible. Chest Xray is recommended

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Customer: replied 11 months ago.
If my finger nails and toe nails have urged die to smoking and my fingertips enlarged not majorly but noticeably , if I stop smoking and become active Again exercise etc , any chance I can force a change ? A positive change in appearance of my nails and finger tips ? As far as I been told this clubbing phenomenon is thanks to low blood oxygen levels reaching at one point or another my extremities