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My blood cell count is elevated to 13.7.Red blood count a

Customer Question

My white blood cell count is elevated to 13.7.Red blood count a little low at 3.9 I don't think this is a problem. I have been at 12-13 count for hemoglobin buy showed up at 10.2. I have always been somewhat anemic, had other tests and nothing shows up. My meds have changed pretty dramatically over last several months as I am now on Male hormone testosterone supplement. I take lots of supplements. Im on synthroid 75mcg, Norvast 5mg, adder all 30 mg. time release one per day, wellbutrin 150mg, and meloxicam 15mg.
Aso, I have had (during blood test) high count of candida, in mouth. irritant - type of yeast infection. It is gone now. Also started taking Alpha Lipoid Acid 400 mg a day and Turmeric 500mg. as supplement.
Would the Apha Lipoid Acid , or candid, or any other things mentioned above cause the higher white blood count? I don't see the need to going back for more testing when I KNOW that my hemoglobin would be down as I was out of it for 7 days prior to blood test. It always goes back up when on it regularly (Bifera).
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Muneeb Ali replied 12 months ago.


Thanks for this question. Now the elevated WBC count can be due to a number of conditions. The first one which comes to mind is that you could have been slightly dehydrated at the time of the test being done, which can cause the WBC count to be falsely elevated at times. If this is the case then simple rehydration would solve the problem. You also mentioned that you were not feeling well for 7 days prior the test being done so it is possible that you were suffering from an infection at that point in time which caused a transient elevation in the WBC count. If you are symptom free at the moment then you dont have to worry about the WBC count.

Secondly, the low hemoglobin however does have to be investigated. A low hemoglobin can be due to anumber of conditions, it can include using alpha lipoic acid which causes a decrease in the iron levels in the body which in turn can cause a decreased RBC and hb level in the body. This would require for you to be investigated with iron level, ferritin levels and a TIBC levels. Another cause of the low Hb could be meloxicam which can affect the stomach and cause minor bleeding or microscopic bleeding in the stool which can lead to a low Hb. The turmeric however wouldnt effect the WBC or Hb levels in the body. Similarly candida wouldnt affect the CBC results either unless there was a serious candidal infection in the body which is not the case here. I think you should have the low hemoglobin definitively investigated soon, not immediately though, by visiting a hematologist and having him run a full panel.

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