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I was doing very light gardening today Tilled 4 patches of

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I was doing very light gardening today
Tilled 4 patches of dirt using a very small light tiller , patches are 4ft x 6ft
Four of them
Then I had to shovel out some of the dirt into a container as well as take it even and then put down mulch sounds like a lot of steps and work but it's really not heavy in anyway
Why I'm telling you this is cause I find myself extremely short of breath
I am a long time smoker and the past ten years or so I've been very inactive , not eating as healthy as I used to , smoking more thanks to abnormal life stress and worse of all in terms of counter effecting the negative effects of smoking as far as breathing and becoming short of breath goes , I have not been exercising at all ? Cardio exercise which keeps our lungs elastic and I'm guessing keeps us breathing better wether smoker or not ? Possible and besides quitting Is there anything u can and should do to check the extent of damage I have done the past ten years I been smoking 20 but the past ten bad thanks to my head being unlike myself
Also I sweat excessively I'm. Guessing another negative effect fro
Smoking as i been the past ten years since my head got screwed up can't explain it and yes I been to doctors they haven't been able to help at all which really stinks for me

You should see a family Dr. At least have an ekg and chest xray. Consider a stop smoking aid like the nicotine patch or Zyban to help you quit. You are too young to feel so bad.

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