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My Question is: Is it inappropriate Ex- to be sleeping in my

Customer Question

Hi My Name is***** and my Question is: Is it inappropriate for my Ex- to be sleeping in my daughter Grace's bed with her. Grace is 5yrs old. My daughter has told me and my mother that her dad sleeps in wobbly shorts (boxers) and that is all Grace sleeps in her panties and that's all in the same bed together. I find this to be very, very inappropriate and he even sleeps with grace when his girlfriend stays over. I just need a professional's opinion. I have asked my ex Jamie if this is true and he (Jamie) has confirmed yes these facts are true. He says there is nothing wrong with this and to mind my own business. And when I asked my daughter on a recent call while she was at her dad Jamie's home I asked Grace if her daddy was still sleeping with her and Grace Replied " Yes Mommy" Then I asked what does your Dad (Jamie) wear in bed with you? Grace Replied " Just wobbly shorts and I sleep in my panties and that's it." Then I heard Jamie say in the back ground no tell your mom you sleep with pajama's. To which my daughter Grace replied " But I don't dad I sleep in my panties and you in wobbly shorts all night all the time.
Am I wrong that this is inappropriate behavior for a 32-34 yr old man (Jamie) to be sleeping like that with Our Daughter Grace who is almost 6yrs old.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

every parent raises their child differently

it sounds like you are suspicious of potential sexual inappropriate behavior in bed when they all sleep together.

it sounds like your daughter would tell you if any inappropriate sexual activity was occurring in bed.

you can ask your daughter if anyone has touched her in inappropriate places

some parents have their children sleep with them so they are more secure and sleep better.

other parents have their children sleep on their own early on

if there is no inappropriate touching or sexual activity in bed, then just all sleeping together should be ok.

let me know if you have other questions.