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I need a Dr. who has experience with malnutrition, gastric

Customer Question

I need a Dr. who has experience with malnutrition, gastric bypass problems and a daughter who has lost extreme amt of weight in the last 4 months....she had a thigh lift after losing wt. from gastric bypass 2006 and wanted this plastic surgery (Sept. '13) but within a month her legs swelled, incisions split open, drained fluid from every pore and developed lymph edema. UAMS in Little Rock helped in July '14 by bringing her BP back up and we came home with nutritional fluids for 2 more months and the swelling surprisingly left. However, since Feb of this year the lymph edema returned and then she began to lose weight like crazy and weighs 119 lbs now. She is 5'8" and before the gastric bypass weighed 245. Local Dr.s where the plastic surgery occurred have never wanted to be of help...Two weeks ago we went to a Memphis Dr. and had a feeding tube put in but she is still not gaining weight and is just literally skin and bones.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

she needs a urine tox screen test if she has a history of methadone or drug use or dependence

drug abuse can cause weight loss like this.

the GI doctors need to test her for celiac spruce gluten allergy and lactose allergy.

she needs to see a nutritionist and get her calories counted to see how many calories she is taking in daily.

have these tests been done yet?